5 Safety Tips for Using Roof Rack on Your Car

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Roof racks have proved to be an excellent way to conserve interior space, as they provide ample space to store whatever you need. However, there are several things you need to consider when using roof racks.

Here is a list of the five roof rack safety tips to make sure your hauling goes as smoothly as possible

Don’t Exceed the Weight Limit

Roof racks come with weight limits. These are the maximum weights the rack can safely support. You should know the capacity of your roof rack before hauling gear on it. Some roof racks can only carry 150 lbs. while others are capable of carrying 800 lbs.!

You must make sure that you don’t exceed the weight limit. You and your vehicle will be at risk if you exceed the weight limit.

In addition to the roof rack capacity, you should also consider the rooftop capacity of your vehicle. Trucks and SUVs may be able to handle too much weight when compared to sedans.

Ensure Your Vehicle Is Stable

The first thing your roof rack will impact is how stable your vehicle is once installed. Rack systems can only carry a certain amount of weight before becoming unstable. Due to the weight of the load on the rack, the car’s center of gravity tends to increase.

As a result, if you drive at high speeds or negotiate corners quickly, your vehicle becomes easier to topple off.

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To avoid any problems, you need to fasten the roof rack properly when carrying a canoe or kayak. By doing so, you will prevent any torque, and you will be able to reach your destination without any issues.

As a result, you must either limit the load on your roof rack to a minimum or drive carefully despite its vast capacity.

Secure Your Cargo with an Anchor at All Times

The United States has a fine of up to $11,000 if you are caught carrying unsecured loads, even if they don’t fall on the road. That’s why cargo anchors are so important. They prevent cargo from falling off during travel and resulting in a fine or worse.

Your load needs to be well contained and stable on the roof rack. Additionally, you want to ensure that long items don’t slip and fall off by using non-skid materials.

Packing heavy loads on top of light loads is another way to avoid such a problem. When you’re finished, firmly secure the straps and anchors. This will prevent the load from moving while traveling. This way, you won’t damage your vehicle or cause an accident.

Invest in a metal defender roof rack or rigid plastic or foldable clamshells to protect the car. Due to its simplicity, it’s better to use the former for outdoor equipment such as hunting and camping. The latter is more suitable for softer bags. For added safety, top the rack with a cargo net.

Pay Extra Attention While You Drive

If you wish to reach your destination safely, you should be extra cautious when driving. It’s essential to understand that your vehicle has a load on top of it, so the vehicle’s height is relatively high.

So be careful of overhead wires, bridges, and parking lots. When using a roof rack system, you should be cautious and always on the lookout.

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It doesn’t take much for you to make a mistake and drive through the middle of a block. Feel free to lower the height of the load if you find it challenging to drive with a high load. Carrying everything won’t be of use if you can’t transport them.

For instance, if you’re hauling timber, place a blanket under the load on the roof to prevent scratching your vehicle’s paint. You can also wrap lumber in a tarp to secure it properly. Just like securing a mattress, tie the boards lengthwise and widthwise.

Choose the Right Roof Rack for Your Needs

Different types of roof racks are available in the market, each with its purpose. There are various attachment options for each roof rack regardless of its function. Make sure that your vehicle’s roof rack fits perfectly before buying one.

Comparing the roof on your car to the installation design will help you determine if it is suitable. If your vehicle includes crossbars or gutter rails, you must assess whether the rack system can be attached to your roof.

If the roof rack does not fit, a variety of things can go wrong. It can potentially damage your car by exerting excessive pressure. Moreover, you may have difficulty installing it on the roof and damage your equipment during your trip. This makes fitting among the most critical roof rack safety tips.

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For instance, whether you’re hauling bicycles, snowboards, kayaks, or surfboards, it’s worthwhile to invest in custom-built roof equipment. By doing so, you’ll be able to preserve the life of your expensive gear and make transportation easier.


These roof rack safety tips will ensure that you can quickly move loads and gear from one location to another. As a result, you will also have a much easier time driving without worrying about something going wrong. Be sure to consider factors such as load height and weight.

If you hear rattling or whipping noises while driving, your load isn’t properly secured.

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