How the Pandemic Has Created a Surge in Cosmetic Surgery in 2022


The outbreak and the lockdowns from March 2020 have impacted almost everything about life. One of the most interesting developments has been the rise for cosmetic procedures that has been reported by people across the globe which includes Japan, the UK, US, Japan, Australia and South Korea. What is the main reason behind this surge for cosmetic procedures?

The Rise of Cosmetic Surgery

There are many reasons for why more people are considering cosmetic surgery, however it is believed that spending a significant amount of time in online video chats and looking into their face while talking has led to people becoming more self-conscious. It is quite understandable that meeting with colleagues and chats have become an integral part of our lives in recent years.

Zoom Face

This is now so widespread that there is an apt name for this phenomenon “Zoom Face”. The Zoom Face is the concept of people becoming more conscious about their looks because of the amount of time they spend in video calls, both at work as well as in our private lives. Zoom Face allows people to perceive their entire range of emotions as well as bring specific features to the light in a manner that can be unflattering (usually because of the angles of the screen and lighting).

Additional Factors

There are other elements as well. Social media is thought to be one of the major factors particularly with the use of filters. This means that users are always viewing an unrealized version of “beauty” and can be feeling uneasy about themselves. In addition the pandemic may be causing people to think and determine that they would like to do something to be as confident about themselves as they are viewed by others.

Common Procedures

It’s also fascinating to look at the kinds of procedures people are choosing to undergo. Like you would suppose, Zoom Face has resulted in a dramatic increase for nose surgery since it is the part that people are the most self-conscious regarding. Other popular procedures in the epidemic include facelifts, breast expansion, tummy tucks, and fillers, to name some of the more popular procedures.


It’s interesting to observe the way cosmetic surgery has seen an increase in popularity in the aftermath of the pandemic, which will prove fascinating to see how this trend continues when Lifestyle Guest Post returns slowly to normal. Cosmetic surgery is an effective way for people to enhance the appearance of their body and boost confidence in themselves but it’s always an option that must be taken with care and not solely because of Zoom Face and the images that people post in social networks.

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