Mistakes by Owners Ruining Georgia Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Georgia Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Many individuals think that minor mistakes are nothing to worry about as the outcomes will not be big. But what they forget is that if you ignore these mistakes for a longer time, they can cost you more, and the damage done will be extensive. This rule applies to everything, including Georgia pool cleaning and maintenance.

Mistakes that be Costly for Georgia Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Many people have invested a large amount in building a swimming pool. So, if the homeowners make small mistakes discussed in the points below and are not solved at the right time, then it might cost you more than the amount needed for cleaning and maintenance.

Fail to Test Pool Water Quality

When the balance of alkaline, chlorine, and pH is not right, people might get skin infections. This imbalance of level will also affect the working efficiency of the swimming pool machinery because you don’t test the quality of water every fifteen days.

Chlorinating Process is Wrongly Done

Chlorination is a part of swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services in which chlorine is added to disinfect the water. Many pool owners don’t read the instructions on the product package. Sometimes chlorine is added in a large quantity that might cause medical issues like itchy skin and sore eyes.

Not Checking Filter and Basket

The baskets and filters are an important part of the cleaning process of swimming pools. The baskets collect the large debris, and the filters will remove the smaller dirt particles. If the filter and basket are not checked to clean them, the water will not be clean.

Never Inspecting Water Level of Swimming Pool

Some people notice that the water has reduced to a considerably low level. This indicates a crack inside the pool, or the pump is sucking water instead of air.

Not Hiring Pool Cleaning Service in Atlanta

The homeowners can do certain cleaning processes to keep the pool clean, like using a net to remove the leaves, twigs, and sometimes smaller dead animals. But repairing and even cleaning the mechanical parts of the pool can be difficult. So, it is advisable to hire pool cleaning companies like Pool Cleaning Georgia.

Not Using Swimming Pool Pump Enough

If you wish to keep your swimming pool clean all day, avoid turning the pump off. Pool cleaning and maintenance expert have suggested keeping the pump running for at least ten hours throughout the day.

Not Putting Fence Around the Pool

Putting a fence around the swimming pool will ensure that small animals don’t reach it and damage the structure. Forgetting to put the fence will increase the cost of maintenance and repairs. So, it is recommended to put the fence at least four feet high.

Leaving Swimming Pool Open during the Winter

Keeping the swimming pool open throughout the winter season will damage the structure and the machinery of the swimming pool. The cold weather can become extreme and freeze the machinery, which can be difficult to unfreeze.

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Forgetting to Brush in the Pool

It is important to brush the waterline mark, stairs, steps, corners, and underneath the ladder to avoid algae development.

Turning Pool Cleaner on for Removing Algae

It is tough to clean algae from the swimming pools. Many pool owners think that turning on the automatic pool cleaner will remove the algae. But in reality, it will only rotate the algae around the pool.

Restricting Use of Pool Filter

It has been mentioned in the above point that the pool pump has to run for at least ten hours or more. The same rule has to be applied to pool filters as well. Not running the filter for a longer time will not properly clean the water.

These are some mistakes that homeowners that have pools installed should avoid. If these mistakes are not taken care of, then the cost of Georgia pool cleaning and maintenance will increase.

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