Everything you need to know about Carpet Cleaning Services!

Carpets are one of the essential things used in day-to-day life and significant events. It is said that the feet are the dirtiest part of our body. Similarly, carpets are the dirtiest part of our home.

It is vital to keep them clean as anybody could catch an infection through it. However, several companies offer carpet cleaning services if you have just moved into a house and have no time to do things like these. There are several steps/ methods involved in cleaning a carpet. It is not as easy as it looks. Here we bring you some of the services offered by these companies globally.

Dry Cleaning

This method is one of the most common methods of all time. Dry cleaning any expensive material/ fabric is usual in every house. Though, carpets are sanitized and cleaned through specialized machines with low moisture systems. They work on dry compounds, thus justifying its name. This method is low on cost as there is practically no labor involved, making it the easiest and most accessible way to opt for. Also, if you need your carpet urgently back, you can opt for dry cleaning as they do not take much time to clean and dry. This method also ensures that your carpet does not get damaged, as dry cleaning does not put much stress on the fabric.

Vacuum Cleaning

This method involves spraying the carpet with sufficient water and instantly suctioning it out, drying it out. Vacuum Cleaning is extensively the most efficient method to clean your carpet as it does not leave even a speck of dirt. An additional benefit is that the carpet is instantly dried. There is practically no detergent left on the surface as the method involves no chemical cleaning products. As this method is quick, it is used in schools, trains, and buses as the carpets in these areas need to be dried instantly due to the crowd involved. There is no rubbing and thorough washing; the carpet surface remains undamaged. The carpet can last for a few months.

Hot Water Extraction

Carpet experts recommend this method. It involves spraying detergent with hot water and extracting/ pulling out the dirt. The only issue is that the equipment is large and not easily portable. Hot water extraction grants a cleaned carpet with no bacteria/ mold formation. This method is the best of all carpet cleaning services. If you are looking for deep cleaning and restoration of the quality of your carpet, then go for this option!

Shampoo Cleaning

The use of wet shampoo for cleaning carpets has been practiced since the 1960s, though it is not so popular now. Currently, hot water extraction has replaced the usage of shampoo. It was replaced as the shampoo left some sticky residues causing damage to the product. Yet several companies offer this service by modifying it.

Apart from these official services, these are some methods you can use to clean a small carpet at your home.

Stain Elimination

Stain elimination/ removal can be done if there is a small stain on a particular area. There are various chemical and organic cleaning agents available in the market. Using them with a small amount of water can do wonders. It works well if only an area of the carpet is dirty.


A vacuum is the best method when it comes to self-cleaning. Use a simple vacuum cleaner and clean it the way you clean the whole house. It is cost-effective and straightforward.

Apart from these services, some agencies offer several expensive and high-end services for events like Red Carpet. Using these services and keeping your carpets clean is significant in this polluted world.

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