How Alcohol Addiction Develops and When to Seek Treatment at an Alabama Drug Rehab

Are you fond of drinking a glass of wine with dinner? Do you enjoy having a beer with friends on a Sunday? These are normal feelings that are really no cause for concern.

But, the truth is, the impact of alcohol on one’s body starts with the very first sip. For most of us, a hangover after a night of binge drinking isn’t worrisome. This happens once in a while; it’s not a habit.

When does it become a cause of concern? It’s when the alcohol starts to play havoc with the body. Alcohol dependence triggers behavioral problems. Dependence sets in when your brain gets used to alcohol in the system and demands it to function properly. What should you do then?

Searching for a “drug rehab near me” is the first thing to do when you notice the warning signs. Drug rehabs can treat this dependence and help you overcome it.

Did you know that as many as 855,000 American teens suffer from alcohol use disorder? This shocking figure tells you that alcoholism isn’t something that happens overnight.

Alcohol addiction is the outcome of long-term abuse. If you are aware of the symptoms of this addiction, you can get help on time. 

Stages of alcohol addiction:

  • Occasional alcohol abuse: This is the first phase where you start experimenting with alcohol and push your limits. You will find most young adults doing this. Teens are used to binge drinking, especially if they are regular party-goers.
  • Increased drinking: This is when alcohol consumption starts to become frequent and not limited only to special occasions and parties. It could be a part of socializing, relieving stress, escaping boredom, or fighting loneliness. This isn’t moderate drinking because it has an emotional cause.
  • Problem drinking: This is marked by frequent alcohol abuse, where it becomes habit-forming. You start feeling more anxious, depressed and experience sleeplessness. Even though your body struggles to cope with the excess alcohol, you start ignoring the warning signs. This stage is associated with relationship problems, reduced social activity, conversational difficulties, etc.
  • Alcohol dependence: Alcoholism has two parts to it; one is dependence while the other is addiction. An individual may be dependent but not yet addicted. When you are dependent you are attached to alcohol but this doesn’t disrupt your normal life. You have developed tolerance to alcohol and may need more amounts to stay intoxicated.
  • Addiction: This is when you start drinking for no reason whatsoever; your body and mind both crave alcohol. They cannot be dissuaded from drinking and may turn to other types of substance abuse as well.

How does drug rehab help you to battle alcoholism?

If you find alcoholism eating into your regular life and career, it’s time to call the addiction hotline and get help. It is hard to self-diagnose this condition or treat it effectively at home.

Look for drug rehab in Alabama if you stay in this state and get yourself checked in before it’s too late. It is important to find professional medical assistance because this condition needs proper intervention.

You need a rehab that has years of experience in handling such addiction cases. They will use tried-and-tested approaches to treat alcoholism through detoxification, cognitive behavioral therapy, group support, meditation, and yoga.

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