9 Ways to End Every Virtual Meeting on a Positive Note

Virtual meeting

The beginning and end of your virtual meeting matter a lot. So, it is essential that you work on icebreaker questions and activities to help you start or end your virtual meeting better. Moreover, you can come up with numerous pointers, but you need something that can be possible at a virtual AGM platform.


Hence, here are some of the ways that can be helpful to end every virtual meeting on a positive note effortlessly.

  1. Consider Sharing Some Motivating Stats for the End

It is obvious that you would have given great lectures and discussed a lot of facts & pointers in your meeting. But it can be demotivating or stressful for others. So, it is necessary that you share some insights that can fill these employees with great motivation. You can get enough time for everything with the best virtual AGM platform.

It can be anything, like some achievements from your last month’s projects or any other accomplishments of your company that you would like to share and dedicate to the employees. Moreover, you have to end the meeting with motivating lines so that everyone can work hard for the next tasks.

  1. Implement Some of the Shoutouts Sections

It is crucial to do something that can activate everyone and make them happy. Acknowledging and congratulating your employees can build and increase work esteem. So, you have to end up with some similar dialogue or create a good session in the end for appreciating others.

Getting noticed and valued is the main aspect that can fill your employees with great enthusiasm to work better. Moreover, you can create the shoutout section with the best virtual exhibition platform. It can be a great way to build team morale and encourage collaborations among teammates. So, praise your team more with great shoutout lines.

  1. Consider Action Items Reviewing and Summarizing

Reviewing and summarizing your last meeting agendas can be productive and vital. It helps to share with the employees that the managers and company are aware of the status and progress of the assigned projects. Also, webinar service experts share that sharing what more needs to be done in the same project can be helpful to achieve success in any task.

The employees will leave the meeting with a clear head and organized ideas about what they need to do next. For instance:

  • As soon as you have a decision on any topic, assign it to the potential employees with a due date.
  • You can share the feedback on the tasks that employees were working on throughout the week.
  1. End with Asking a Fun Question

It is necessary to make the environment joyful and happy when you leave the meeting. So, you can get various features with the best virtual AGM platform. Still, if you want to do something yourself at the end, you can ask funny questions that can leave a smile on the employee’s face for at least 15 minutes.

Moreover, you can prefer a question that is not related to the work. It will help you to know your employees better. Also, you can ask something that you already know about the employees.

  1. Cheers or Toast to End the Virtual Meeting

It will be great if you cheer or make a toast at the end. Moreover, it can fill the employees with great happiness and encouragement. All you need is to talk about something good in at least one line for everyone. Every employee loves it when they hear something from their managers. It shows that you notice their efforts and role at the company.

No matter how lost or failed your past time was, such cheers and toast can fill the environment with hope. This feeling is what every business employee and employer needs to maintain at their workplace.

  1. End with Playing a Quick Game

After a long talk about work and stressful projects, you need a short fun activity. It’s on you what you prefer to play. Moreover, you can get AR/VR games with the best virtual AGM platform. This quick game can be a great team-building activity for more collaborative work at the end of the meeting.

Such quick activities can foster some activities in the employees. Also, you can create a sense of competition by adding the leaderboard to your virtual event.

  1. Consider Meditation or Breathing Exercise at the End

It is crucial and touching for employees if their company takes care of both their mental and physical health. Also, it is necessary for a company to be productive. So, you can create a separate session at the end for a little more mellow and mindfulness meditation practices with the best virtual AGM platform.

You can play a guided video, calm music for a few minutes, or take a few deep breaths. It will be enough to make your employee’s minds at peace and increase their concentration power.

  1. Give a Fun Riddle for Answering in the Next Meeting

You can also give every team a riddle that they need to solve and share with the teammates the next morning. It can give a fun element to the employees to create some innovative ideas and think a little that can be a great brain exercise.

Moreover, you can share a lot of documents, including the various flyers, pdfs, and other essential information with the best virtual AGM platform. So, ask the teams to collect their riddle from the document library.

  1. Ask for Rating at the End of the Meeting

You can get the feedback option with the best virtual AGM platform. So, create a funny form and share it with the employees, asking them to fill it out before leaving the meeting. Moreover, you can also make it fun by asking for pointers in a funny way. You can use your 100% innovation and creations at such sessions. Also, you can ask a teammate who has a great hand in doing such things.

So, these are the various pointers that can be helpful to end every virtual meeting on a positive note. You can use some of the above ideas that you think work well for your meeting. Hope, you will find this article beneficial to create a better ending for your virtual AGM using the elements shared by the Virtual AGM platform.

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