It’s been a constant joke around the Britannica offices that we should compile an index of “best cats”–this is the internet, after all. This task has been taken on by two cat-crazy and daring editors. After much debate and discussion, we’ve finally come up with an impressive list of cats, based on our opinion.

Let’s face it, polydactyl cats make the best high-fives. Errr, high-sixes. Also called “mitten cats” or “thumb cats” polydactyls are genetic mutation that grants them more than the normal number of feet with toes. Polydactyl cats may have anywhere from six to eight toes per paw. The extra toes may make them look like their paws have thumbs. While polydactyly may occur in all kinds of species of animals (including humans), it’s arguably cutest in cats.

It is impossible to clone one of the calico cats with the same markings, as a result of the random activation of genes. The essential traits required that allow calico patterns are on the X-chromosome. As a result, almost all calicos are female. Male calico cats are rare and far between, and could only be an outcome of genetic deficiency.

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