Which Moss grows in Shade and Which Doesn’t?

Understanding things about mosses is something pleasurable. It is one of those plants that can be grown in the garden and you will not have a problem at all. Yeah, moss does have its share of concerns and care to be met but majorly like others, this one thrives on moisture and shady areas. Having acidic soil is an addition but you need to take care of lesser things. So, if you are confused about types of mosses, how to plant them, or even about the feature as to which moss amongst them available, which moss can grow in shade, which of them needs partial light, and which of them can be grown in sun. All of these are genuine concerns of a lot of people. 


So in this blog, we are going to discuss a few types of mosses that can be grown in your garden. So have a close look at the important aspects so that when you start to make a decision, you are able to make a wise one. 

  • American Tree Moss

The scientific name for this moss type is Climacium Americanum which is a member of the Pleurocarpous family. This plant grows up to 5-inches in length and likes to thrive in partially shaded places. Morning and evening sun is enough for the plant. This moss grows quickly if the soil is heavy, rocky, clayey, or sandy. 

  • Common Haircap Moss

This is another very popular moss type and if you think what kind of plant will thrive in shade then have a look at this beautiful plant. This is also known as the Polytrichum commune and it comes from the Acrocarpous family. The plant can only grow up to 2 ft. The plant likes to be at the spots that are partially shaded to completely shaded. Also, acidic and damp soil become the best thriving grounds for moss.

  • Spoon Leaved Moss

 Also known as Bryoandersonia illecebra, Spoon Leaved Moss is one of the most planted mosses in the world. It makes a garden look beautiful and green. It comes from the Pleurocarpous family and this plant likes it when it gets partial sun and partial shade. That’s how they get a good amount of both and excess of none. It can grow up to 2 inches and likes to be in rocky, fertile, rich, and moist soil.

  • Springy Turf Moss

Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus is what scientists call this plant. It comes from the Acrocarpous family and is a wonderful plant to have in your garden. Firstly it grows fast and additionally it is a lover of partial shade. The soil type that suits it the most is wet and acidic. The moss can also tolerate deep damp conditions easily.

  • Heath Star Moss

The best definition of this moss is “it can grow anywhere.” Also, if you are having a question like what kind of plant will thrive in shade then this is a perfect example for that too. This plant grows up to 4 inches and loves partial shady regions. It is also known as Campylopus introflexus and it is a type of Acrocarpous. This is a very fast-growing plant and acidic & moist soil is what it loves.

  • Baby Tooth Moss

As the name suggests, this is a perennial plant with a short lifespan. Baby Tooth Moss is also known as Plagiomnium cuspidatum and comes from the family of Pleurocarpous. It is another example of which moss can grow in shade. This plant is more popular and found in North America, Africa, and Asia. This plant also thrives in partially shaded regions and if you grow it in completely shaded places, it won’t be a problem at all. This moss grows up to 1.5 inches. It likes to grow in clayey, loam, gravel, and sand type solid.



What kind of plant will thrive in shade? Do you have such concerns in your head too? Now, you might have got your answers from this blog. If not all, a few of them would have been cleared right? We know it isn’t easy to make it happen just like that, but you can at least start with the ones we have mentioned here. Although we have mentioned a few types of mosses there are a huge number of species in the market. And over time, they are only increasing. But rest assured that whatever we have mentioned above, it will make your garden look beautiful without a doubt.

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