Transitioning Back To The Office? How Your Background Can Make A Difference

Transitioning Back To The Office? How Your Background Can Make A Difference

As many companies usher employees back into the office, the need for a custom Zoom background may seem to fade. Indeed, it’s likely that you will spend less time on video conference calls, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch that background just yet. On the contrary, immersive Zoom backgrounds can be an asset more than ever, and it can even make your transition back to the office go more smoothly. Even with some employees returning to in-person work, it’s likely that many will remain remote, and a customized Teams or Zoom background can help maintain the consistent branding that clients love to look for.

Looking For The Perfect Setting For Your Meetings?

Many custom Zoom backgrounds aim to recreate the look of a standard office space. You can choose from images that feature a boardroom and a conference desk, or you can opt for a sweeping skyline that’s visible from your high-rise office. Truthfully, none of these options is likely to be a realistic representation of your office space. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a corner office, it probably doesn’t feature a bird’s eye view of Manhattan. You might find that it makes sense to keep your custom Zoom background even after you’ve returned to the in-person workplace.

If you’re wondering how to use virtual background in Teams, setting yours up is simple. You should first ensure that your Team software is up to date. You can then open a new window, start a meeting, and select the option that says “show background effects.” You can then select your custom background image and it will be displayed behind you on video calls. If you are a member of a team that’s partially remote and partially in-person, you can install the same background for all team members in order to maintain a unified aesthetic — even if you can’t all be in the office together.

Look Like You’re At The Office Anytime!

Even after returning to the office, you’ll probably do some work remotely, and it’s always a good idea to be prepared for those work from home days. A custom background for your Zoom or Teams calls will make it look like you’re at the office no matter where you’re physically located. You can finally take the vacation of your dreams and relax in an exotic resort and stay on top of work while you’re at it. Nobody will be the wiser when you appear in front of background with a customized office image.

Zoom backgrounds offer a level of flexibility that you need no matter where you are or how you’re working. You can’t afford to be caught off guard when a client requests a last minute video conference. With a customized background for Teams and Zoom, you never have to worry about what your surroundings look like because you always look like you’re at the office!

Maintain a professional appearance by investing in a custom office background for your remote work Teams or Zoom calls.

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