The overcrowding and professionalization of sport has generated

the creation of various organizations, considerably expanding the panorama of sports administration and management, this implies that, regardless of: what the size of the organization is, it is necessary to carry out adequate practices of management and business direction, oriented towards sports activities (Acosta, 2005; Year, 2003; Paris, 2005). Increasingly, sports organizations are operating like modern businesses to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Carrying out sporting events allows the activities that are proposed within the organization to materialize. However, the organization of an event requires a planning process and the coordination and effort of a work team to meet the formulated objectives (Gutiérrez, 2003).

Scouting are activities carried out by sports clubs

And should be considered within the organization of events, even though they do not meet all the characteristics of traditional events. Through soccer scouting processes, recruitment and selection of talent are developed, these provide a space for participating players to be observed in order to evaluate their skills and abilities, although the selection process may vary, depending on the situation. methodology used by scouts or experts in the 해외축구중계 specialty.

The realization of the present work obeys, in the first instance,

to the fulfillment of the academic requirements of the Professional Practice II of the ninth semester, in the second measure, it allows to strengthen the formative processes obtained throughout the career; In addition, it enriches professional growth, by exposing the student directly to the labor field, putting their skills to the test.

This document reflects the work developed during the semester,

which began with an exercise of contextualization and diagnosis of the practice center, in order to identify the need to intervene, the pertinent justification and the objectives to be achieved are presented; After this, the bibliographic review was carried out to provide the corresponding theoretical support, the four phases of the methodological process and the results are shown, whose final product was the proposal of a methodological guide for carrying out soccer scouting in sports clubs. ; Finally, the respective conclusions and recommendations of the developed work are presented.

In July 2013, the University of Applied and Environmental Sciences UDCA,

through the Sports Sciences program, signed a contract as a cooperation agreement with the University Center for Soccer and Sports Sciences, and the Pachuca Club of Mexico, with the purpose of strengthening the training and sports process of the people who are part of the university community.

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