The 5 Basic Rules to Keeping the Office Clean

The 5 Basic Rules to Keeping the Office Clean

The office is that one place where we tend to spend most of our time. We work day in and day out on our jobs, and stay in the office for the majority of the day. Hence, the office experiences its fair share of foot traffic daily, as well as the dust and dirt that come with so many people walking in and out of the office.


Nobody likes working in a filthy office, and working in a cluttered space will hinder productivity. Offices should be maintained clean and pristine, especially for customer-facing offices that will present themselves to clients, partners, and guests!


Here are the 5 basic rules to keeping the office clean. Apply these tips to your office to keep a spotless office, and a healthy work environment for all! Finally, you can get rid of all those dust bunnies and debris out of your office for good:


1.  Hire Professional Cleaning Services

We recommend that you hire a third-party cleaning crew to do the work as they would have the expertise to do the job right. Luce Office is a renowned cleaning company that offers office cleaning and disinfection services catered to any commercial space! You employees are there for their own work, so don’t get them to clean up after your own office.


Professional cleaners would have been trained on the proper methods of cleaning common office furniture, as well as the proper decorum in working in a commercial space. They certainly help your office upkeep its image, and you can be assured that they know what they’re doing.


Professional cleaning services are moderately-priced as well. Even small offices can afford to hire a cleaner to maintain their office. Professional cleaning services will remove dust, allergens, and germs from your office so you can keep your working space healthy!


2.  Clean Up After Yourself

Cleaning up after oneself is not only the proper way of maintaining your own cleanliness, but it affects those around you as well. Cleaning up after you’ve eaten, used office supplies, or gone to the washroom is simply good manners in interacting with other people. No one wants to deal with your discarded tissues or spilled food in the office pantry!


Take time to remind all your employees of good hygiene practices, especially if your coworkers work closely with one another. Host seminars on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, and how maintaining cleanliness can decrease the chances of spreading diseases from one person to another.


3.  Maintain Organized Files and Supplies

When your workspace is cluttered, so is your work. Cluttered workspaces connote an office that is disorganized, confusing, and is not serious about their work – that’s not the image you want to show your clients and partners!


Keep your files and office supplies organized, and create a standard organizing method that you can use around your office. With a standard organizing method, everybody can easily find the files and documents they need when they need them. Even new employees can be trained to use the standard organizing system!


4.  Disinfect the Office Frequently

One thing the pandemic has made clear is the importance of disinfection and sanitation. Disinfect the office as frequently as you can, especially as your employees start to pool into the office. You can’t prevent employees from congregating in communal areas like the office pantry, but you can keep these sanitized with daily disinfection.


There are multiple ways you can disinfect your office. The easiest way is to avail disinfection services from your partner cleaning company. However, you may also take a disinfectant spray solution, and apply it on all surfaces, flooring, and high-touch areas to kill off any harmful microbes. You can spray disinfectant in the air as well to kill off any airborne germs.


5.  Vacuum the Carpets Daily

Most offices continue to use carpets, despite how difficult they can be to maintain. If this is the case with your office, you may benefit greatly from vacuuming your carpets every day. Vacuuming the carpets daily would remove any dirt, debris, and dust from them, leading to an overall cleaner office.


The carpet is home to millions of fibers that can latch onto dust, and these particles spread around the office as people walk on the carpet. As a result, you and your coworkers would get allergies and skin issues from the dust particles. Vacuuming them up daily would decrease the amount of dust that flies around the office.

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