Mistakes that Beginners need to avoid while developing a website

In this Article we are going to mainly focus on mistakes that Beginners need to avoid while developing a website! Web development mistakes are common that every beginner does at the primary stage of his development career. Mistakes are very common regardless of on which programming language you are working. When it comes for complex coding & scripting for sure error occurs.

What are the common mistakes that you need to avoid while developing a website?

Here is a list of mistakes that every beginner should avoid!

Lack of self confidence:

In any career field self c0fidence is necessary to grow. Generally it is considered as coding is quite difficult and not possible for everyone to do it. Yes of course coding is bit difficult but not impossible, in the beginning of the web development career surely you will face difficulties, complexities in coding. If you are confident and enthusiastic

towards your work soon you may count yourself in best web developers. What you all need to do that is you just have to be dedicated towards your work & self-confident.

Make backup copies of your work

It is basic thing you need to learn that whenever you do your task save it immediately or else it is better to use automated tools to create backups. To avoid the loss of data it is important to save your task every time or keep backup of it. During your work if power goes off or if computer crashes or damaged you should have your backup ready to run your task. If not you will be considered as irresponsible towards your work and you may face further issues. So it is better to avoid these mistakes & keep data backup every time.

Improperly formatted code

Improperly formatted code can lead improper function & incorrect output which indicates lack of professionalism. Web developers should avoid unnecessary extra lines, spaces etc. Developers should try to keep a program with simple & clean code even with proper impactful output.

Optimize bandwidth usage/mobile responsive website

Website optimization is very important because users don’t like to go for the website which is very slow & takes time to load because of high-resolution images or videos or by slow internet connection. Hence it is important for web developers to go for bandwidth tuning to speed up your website by minimizing the images size & resolution, with the server-side HTTP compression.

Make sure your website is mobile responsive as huge number of user access the internet on mobile. Nobody likes to use the site which is showing improperly on mobile screen, so always optimize your website for cell phones.

Testing the website in different browsers

This is a most common web development mistake that beginners usually make. Test your site not only on your regularly used browsers but also on all compatible browsers that works on the internet. On any major browser bugs or errors may found, fixing them to make your site compatible for every browser is your main responsibility throughout the web development process.



Web developers should not be overconfident at any stage of their career. If few of your projects go well, that doesn’t mean you are perfect in developing, with the time client may ask you for unique feature on their site or application at that time you may does mistakes. Hence, learning is a continuous & never ending process especially in web development. Adapting the new and advanced technologies over the time is very essential for you to sustain in the IT industry. By avoiding the above listed mistakes you may become successful in your web development career.

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