How To Get Backlinks From High PR sites – Tips To Follow

I know there are lots of people who failed to keep sight of achieving their target. Every blogger want to obtain top rank in Google search engine, but very few of them get success. On the other hand, some people just try, try and try but they fail every-time to get top rank in search engine and they give-up, but it’s not all-over. When I start blogging I also didn’t have any knowledge how to get backlinks from high PR authority sites or High PR sites. But I research day and night to uncover all techniques that facilitate me to get better ranking in search engine and boost my SEO. That’s why I wrote this article for all hungry people who desired to get High PR backlinks. Today, in this article I’m going to show my all tactics that I use to rank my pages up in a search engine. You just have to follow these simple steps.

Get Backlinks from High PR sites:

  1. Find Comment Luv Blogs:

This is one of the best tactics that recently work to get High PR backlinks to your site. Find do-follow comment luv blogs with high PR.Comment with some applicable tips on that post and in return you will be gotten rewarded a backlink to your site in comment by blog owners because they have enabled comment luv on their blogs. So, in this way you will get high PR backlink to your site.

  1.  Mandatory Use Of Google+ profile:

Create your profile on Google+ in view of the fact that it is one of the top leading social networking sites that holds a page rank of 9. After creating an account on Google+, make sure you have provided your short bio.Also, Google+ has a Link section below your bio as a “contributor” and “link”. In ‘contributor’ you have to write a title of your website and incorporate your site link in it, this is a no-follow backlink to your site. In ‘link’ you have to do the same as you have done in contributor; this is a do-follow backlink to your site. Google provides both; do-follow and No follow backlinks. Best Stardew Valley Farm Names Ideas

  1. Profile On YouTube:

Create your profile on YouTube as it holds a page rank of 9 and is one of the top leading visual sites in theworld.  YouTube give an opportunity to share your product video with useful and relevant information about your product. So, you can share information including a link back to your site. This is an easy way to get PR-9 backlink; it also gives someone a leg up in increasing direct traffic to site.

  1. Charity contribution:

To get High PR backlinks from authority site you have to pay a little amount to charity sites for contribution. Google trust a lot on these charity sites and they have high PR with too many monthly visitors.You just have to donate a little amount to charity sites. In return they will endow you an opportunity to write some lines for their sites. Later than, you can write some attractive lines for them and make sure to include your name with your site’s link as a CEO. Like this;“I’m very proud to donate a little amount to this charity as it helps a lot of people.” They will show your lines in their newsfeed with a do-follow back-link to your site. Few steps to find these sites in search engines:

  • “Donate us”
  • “Contributors page”
  1. Grab Links From Fiverr:

Fiverr is a low-cost affordable platform where lots of people buy or sell gigs only for $5. You can now search these gigs related to your blog. As, there are lots of high PR and authority site bloggers who give you a proposal to write an article with two or three backlinks to your site only for $5.Few tips to Find related site owners on Fiverr: “Post your article” “Write for” “I’ll post your article” Stardew Valley Farm Names Ideas

  1. Invest In Expired Domains:

Don’t forget the power of expired Domains. In view of the fact, these Domains have high Page rank but their owners don’t need to use these domains more and can’t reimburse amounts to upgrade their site.So, don’t waste this opportunity, buy these domains. You can find these domains from and many other sites. Then after that, write an article and put your own site link in it. You’ll get a high PR do-follow backlink. These tactics use many webmasters to obtain high rank in search engine.

  1. Imperative Use Of Guest Blogging:

Guest Blogging, a prompt and free strategy to build reputation in community as well as to get do-follow backlinks. Find High PR Guest posting blogs in related community and write a guest post as per their requirement and incorporate two or three do-follow backlinks.The site owners will publish your post on their site. Rarely site owners don’t publish it because of low quality content or stolen content. So, make sure to submit a high quality and unique content and by this way you’ll get do-follow backlinks to your site that improves you site rank in search engine. A single guest post on high PR site get your entire site top in search engine. Don’t do guest blogging for only link building, do guest blogging for the motive to build reputation in relevant community and ultimately you’ll get lot of benefits from it.

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