Wife Emotions After Online Nikah in Lahore Pakistan

Emotions After Online Nikah in Lahore Pakistan:

Advocate Jamila, an expert lawyer for online nikah in Lahore Pakistan says that emotions after marriage matters a lot. A time comes when everyone becomes so immune to an angry person’s constant bickering that people just stop bothering and turn a deaf ear to the scowls, snide remarks. Ultimately, such a spouse loses self-respect at home and other people also tend to start avoiding his/her company after online nikah in Lahore Pakistan. Moreover, a person cannot feel sane and angry at the same time. One needs to fully control a situation provided one is calm and in a receptive state of mind.


Point to be noted:

Man is at his WEAKEST ‘WHEN ANGRY! An irritable spouse always succeeds in creating tension and misery in the house!

Moreover, everyone is on tenterhooks. This gives way to lying. An angry and perpetually overbearing spouse after online nikah in Lahore Pakistan can drive ones’ spouse to lie. I once overheard this conversation: The husband was shouting, “Where are you I have been ringing home all afternoon?”

What Are You saying?

And his wife, while playing for time, answered, “What are you saying? I can’t hear you; there is a lot of disturbance in the telephone line”. ‘Why were you not at home?” “But I am at home!” “You were not here an hour ago. “Yes, I was. I swear by God that I was home. (She was telling a lie as their online nikah in Lahore, Pakistan was already on the rocks, and she was trying not to provoke him further) And the angry husband finally simmered down.


Do not be so dictatorial that your spouse has no choice but to sin and swear wrongly, just to save an online nikah in Lahore Pakistan. Too emotional Keep a rein over your emotions. Your heart should not overrule your head. A husband once deposited a large sum of money in his joint account, which he had shared with his wife. He wanted them to feel secure. As luck would have it, the online nikah in Lahore Pakistan was on the verge of collapse, and when he returned home from a tour, he was not only locked out of the house (it was in the wife’s name), but all his savings had also disappeared!

Who do you think was responsible for all this? If a dish has too much of either of the above taste too sweet, too salty, or even too spicy, no one will like it -Excess of these emotions can and does drive people up against a wall! Be mature, and do not let your feelings run loose. Keep balance. This pot contains your love and care for each other. Stir it properly. Never let people or ego make it turn so brown that it starts to emit a burnt smell which no cardamom, essence, or flavor can ever erase! A charred marriage is like a burnt pot that has nothing left to cook!

Discipline is perhaps the most important factor which can help a couple to balance their lives. If only they could rein in their emotional outbursts, it might help them do or avoid doing things they might regret later.


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