Objection on Marriage and Online Nikah form in Pakistan

Objection on marriage and Online Nikah form in Pakistan:

If you wish to raise objections on online nikah form in Pakistan or online marriage in Pakistan you may contact Jamila Law Associates. Defendant, held, cannot be allowed. Once an offer was made by one party and accepted by another, the party making the offer could not result from the same online nikah form in Pakistan or online marriage in Pakistan.

Suit the Other Party:

Offer a party to a suit whereby it undertook to be bound by the statement made by the oath by the other party on being accepted by the other party was like the binding agreement. Husband praying before Family Court that if the wife took special oath wife, he would accept her plea. Wife took oath in that regard husband, held, could not question Jurisdiction of Family Court, and claimed that it could not give a special oath in matrimonial proceedings.


A plea that the husband signed the deed of divorce under coercion held further also not open to the husband after having made a prayer of Special Oath. High Court declined to interfere in writ jurisdiction.  Defendant making offer voluntarily cannot be allowed. Objection not raised on online nikah form in Pakistan or online marriage in Pakistan. In his written statement not objecting to Jurisdiction of Family Court, Husband cannot raise such objection in the contents of Constitutional petition on the principle that their pleadings bind the parties.

Legal Opinion:

Opinion on the relationship when relevant. Reliance on communication made through SMSs about the relationship as husband and wife. Failure to produce witnesses from cellular Company and witnesses of Nikah. Nikahnama was not produced. Effect. Petitioner filed Suit for maintenance and recovery of dower. Respondent specifically denied solemnization of marriage online nikah form in Pakistan or online marriage in Pakistan. Petitioner relied upon the communication made through SMSs and admission of the respondent before Jirga to prove the relationship of being the respondent’s wife. Petitioner had- not produced any witness from cellular Company nor did any certificate to justify the contents of SMS’s receive from a particular number.

Online Marriage in Pakistan:

Petitioner had not produced any witness of online nikah form in Pakistan or online marriage in Pakistan, Nikah, nikahkhawan, nikahnama, or any close relative who could say unequivocal terms that the parties had lived together as husband and wife for a particular period.  The admission could not be considered a whole truth as it lacked specific subject matter concerning the relationship of petitioner and respondent as husband and wife after online nikah form in Pakistan or online marriage in Pakistan. The second message did not reflect any acknowledgment. It declared concurrent findings of the courts below to be correct.

Constitutional Petition:

The constitutional petition was dismissed for online nikah form in Pakistan or online marriage in Pakistan. [Paras. 9, 13, 17 &19 of the judgment. Maintenance during iddat. As revealed in the Holy Quran and as practiced by the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Ordains of Almighty Allah manifested the complete Code of lie to enable order lives in the individual and collective sphere by the teachings of Islam.

Islamic View:

The Holy Quran revealed the commands of Allah to a Muslim husband rendering him under an obligation to maintain his divorced wife during the period of “iddat, in the shape of affordable installments during the period of “iddat.” Intent and spirit of commands of Allah were to provide for maintenance to a divorced wife during the period of “iddat” for the simple reasons that as per Injunctions of Islam; a divorced woman could not remarry during the period of iddat. Such right in Pakistan was enforceable by the Family Court, which had exclusive jurisdiction under the West Pakistan Family Courts Act, 1964.

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