What are the Various Male Fertility Problems and Its Treatments?

Male fertility can be a problem within your reproductive system, which prevents you from impregnating your female partner. If both a male or a female have had sex without protection for more than a year, and the female does not get pregnant, then either you or both might have infertility.

How prevalent are male fertility issues?

Infertility is a prevalent problem. Male infertility affects 1 in six couples who try to get pregnant. In most cases of infertility male factor is a primary or contributing factor.

Male infertility is often due to low sperm production and abnormal sperm function or obstructions blocking sperm delivery. Injuries, illnesses or chronic health issues, lifestyle choices, and others can contribute to male infertility.

The incapacity to conceive a youngster can be frustrating. However, there is male infertility treatment to address your underlying problem.

Male Fertility Types

Making healthy, mature sperm that travels depends on a variety of factors. Further, there are multiple reasons cells may not be becoming sperm. The sperm can’t travel to the egg. The scrotum’s temperature can influence fertility too. These are the most common reasons for male fertility.

Sperm Disorders

The most recurring problems are related with the production and growth of the sperm. Sperm can:

  • cannot fully develop
  • may have an odd shape
  • cannot move in the right direction
  • can be produced in deficient amounts (oligospermia)
  • There is no way to make it (azoospermia)

The cause of sperm problems could be the traits you are born with. Further, the preferences you consider in your regimen can affect your number of sperm. Alcohol, smoking, and taking certain medicines could reduce the number of sperm.

Other reasons for low sperm count are long-term illness and childhood illnesses or chromosome hormone issues (such as low testosterone).

Dhat Syndrome

Dhat syndrome is a disorder that causes young men to complain of weakness, anxiety, fear of impotence, and discharge of semen through urine.

If the Dhat syndrome persists, the man may feel weaker and may experience psychological issues that contribute to a lack of libido and a firm erection. These issues may fail to impregnate a woman. Hence, Dhat ki Dawa for treating this cause of infertility in men is vital.

male infertility major cause of couple argument


Retrograde Ejaculation

Semen pushes backward inside the body in case of retrograde ejaculation, and the semen enters the bladder instead of exiting the penis. This is because the muscles and nerves in your bladder do not conceal while orgasming. Since the semen does not discharge from the penis, it is incapable of reaching the vagina.

Medications, surgery, or health problems in nerves can lead to this male fertility issue. The signs are cloudy urine following the ejaculation, less fluid, and “dry” ejaculation.

Immunologic Infertility

Sometimes the body of a man produces antibodies that attack the body’s sperm. Antibodies usually arise by injury, surgery, or an infection, and they typically stop the sperm from working. However, there is no clear evidence on how this leads to male fertility problems, and it isn’t a common infertility reason.


Sometimes, the tubes that carry sperm may have a blockage. Multiple infections, surgery (like vasectomy), developmental issues, or bulges can cause blockage. Moreover, if there is a blockage, the sperm can’t escape the body when ejaculating, leading to male infertility.


Hormones produced by the pituitary gland signal the testicles to generate sperm. Moreover, low levels of hormones result in the slow growth of sperm.


Sperm carry half the DNA that is transferred to the egg. The size and shape of chromosomes can impact fertility, and for instance, the male Y chromosome might be missing components.

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Certain medications may alter the production of sperm, function, and delivery. The bulk of these medications treat health issues such as:

  • arthritis
  • depression or anxiety
  • Infections
  • Depression
  • digestive problems
  • Cancer
  • high blood pressure


Varicoceles are veins that have swollen in the scrotum. Moreover, they’re more prevalent for infertile men (40 from 100). They can harm the growth of sperm by blocking the proper flow of blood. Additionally, varicoceles could cause blood to flow to your scrotum via your stomach.

Also, the testicles become too warm to produce fertile sperm. Moreover, this could cause a low number of sperm. Hence, this could lead to infertility in men.

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Male Infertility Causes

There might be certain medical causes that you read above. Further, there are certain environmental causes and lifestyle causes.

They are:

  • Industrial chemical. Prolonged exposure to certain chemicals could direct to low sperm counts.
  • The testicles are overheated. Elevated temperatures may hinder the production of sperm as well as its function.
  • Use of drugs. Anabolic steroids taken to boost muscle strength and growth could cause the testicles to shrink, causing the production of sperm to decrease. Additionally, the use of marijuana or cocaine can temporarily decrease the quantity and the grade of your sperm.
  • Alcohol consumption. Drinking alcohol can reduce testosterone levels cause an increase in the production of sperm.
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  • Smoking tobacco. Smoking and male fertility have direct relation. Hence, men who smoke have higher chances of infertility.
  • Weight. Obesity can impair fertility in a variety of ways, such as directly affecting the sperm itself and also creating hormone changes that decrease male fertility.

Diagnosis & Treatment For Male Infertility

So, the diagnosis begins with a thorough physical exam to assess your overall health and determine any physical ailments that could affect your fertility. Further, your doctor may also examine the female and you regarding your sexual preferences. Also, if your physical examination and medical history doesn’t reveal any reason why you are unable to conceive, the doctor might order diagnosing tests

Most of the time, the exact reason for infertility isn’t discovered. Even if the cause isn’t identified, the doctor may be able to recommend treatment or procedures that can cause conception.

If you are experiencing male fertility, it’s suggested that both female partners be examined.

Male infertility treatments comprise:

  • Surgeries
  • Curing infections
  • Treating any sexual problems
  • Hormonal treatment and medicines
  • IVF
  • Low sperm count treatment
  • Lifestyle changes

Bottom Line

The male fertility causes when receiving proper and on-time treatment will help your partner to conceive. Don’t get stressed if you are experiencing any fertility issues. So, follow your doctor’s instructions and quit any negative lifestyle habits that are affecting your fertility.

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