The Do’s and Don’ts of Sportswear for Children

When your kid decides to take up a sports activity, it can be a beginning of a thrilling and life-changing journey. What you need to do is to provide them with adequate preparation, talk with them, and see if they have the motivation to achieve their goals. 

Of course, you’d also need to consider their school responsibilities, sports gear, clothing, and nutrition. When it comes to sportswear for children, there are a few things parents should keep in mind. You should always consider their safety, comfort, practical purpose of sports gear, and whether it’s of appropriate size. 

However, do you know what are some bad and good practices of sportswear in children? Let’s find out!

What are some of the don’ts?

You should avoid the following examples of bad practices:

  1. Pick clothing that is too tight or too loose. If it’s an awkward fit, your kid would be uncomfortable and could even get injured. You want to make sure that their socks, shorts, and shirts are all the appropriate size to allow smooth movement and exercise.  
  2. Choose clothing made of non-breathable material, such as nylon or vinyl. This will make your child quite uncomfortable, sweaty, and it can lead to fatigue, boils, and frustration.
  3. Choose light clothing in cold weather. This goes without saying, although they might warm up while they exercise, they can get sick, and you don’t want to take chances with their immune system.
  4. Choose dark or dull colors for your child’s sportswear. This will make them less visible unless they are trying to hide in the field from other competitors. Unless they’re trying to blend in with the field, pick colors that will make them clearly visible to their coach, team members, and other participants.
  5. Choose inadequate sportswear. This can be dangerous, as the clothing may not be fitted correctly and could cause injuries. Make sure that you choose the adequate type of shoes, safety equipment, and consult with professionals before you go shopping. Also, educate your kid about the purpose of all parts of sportswear.

What are some dos in choosing kids’ sportswear? 

Follow these examples if you want to make choices that are best for your young athlete:

  1. Measure your kid regularly. This will help you pick the right size that will allow for free and unstrained exercise. You’ll also be able to order some of the gear online without worrying about returning it.
  2. Learn more about breathable fabrics, like cotton or polyester. Always check the tag on the clothing and see how you should wash it, dry it, and preserve it, so it would last longer. Also, see how you should clean and disinfect the equipment if they’re practicing aquatic sports. 
  3. Don’t just have gear available for the current calendar season, but always keep a warmer pair of socks, a sweater, jacket, or shoes for rainy weather. This way, your kid will not be unprepared if he or she needs to exercise in cold weather. 
  4. Make sure that your kids have a say when picking the sportswear. This way, they will be even more motivated and feel comfortable in the gear they have picked for themself.
  5. Before hitting the field, you can try the sportswear at a playground or indoor play park in North Las Vegas. This way, your kids won’t forget that they need to have fun while practicing the sport they like.
  6. Always consult professional coaches and make adjustments when necessary. Remember, the wellbeing of your child comes first, and making progress and winning awards will not be worth it if they’re exhausted, injured, or pushing too hard. 

The bottom line of sportswear for children is that you make sure that they feel comfortable, safe, warm, and energized, and don’t forget that they’re in it because it’s fun!


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