How to open an online checking account in 5 minutes?


How to open an online checking account in 5 minutes?

Managers of organizations of any type of activity often deal with financial issues, in which case they need to open a reliable online account. This will allow in a short time to send finances, send salaries to employees and carry out transfers to clients, partners and to make analytical operations. WestStein specialists told in this article how to open an online checking account in 5 minutes, as well as what and who may need it for.

WestStein Online Account: benefits

An account allows legal entities to quickly and ergonomically perform various financial transactions and control them, including through a convenient mobile app.  A company can have several accounts, in different currencies for instance, which makes it very easy to cooperate with foreign partners.

It is important to mention that a free online account, through which non-cash transactions are implemented, is safer and more practical for a legal entity. So, if an entrepreneur conducts his business using only cash, he needs to record all the processes himself, up to and including the purchase of paper for faxing to the office. He needs to regularly calculate his budget and beware of theft and embezzlement. An individual online account eliminates all of the above negative factors. It allows management to conduct various financial transactions in a cashless manner, with receipts coming literally at once. This has a favorable effect on the preparation and maintenance of accounts. And this makes the business efficient and more optimized.

How to open an account online quickly?

To open an account, you really need a small amount of time and minimal effort. You just have to follow the following algorithm:

  1. On the WestStein website, you must first find the “Open My Account” tab and click on it.
  2. Then a registration form appears on the client’s device – you need to fill it out. The following information is entered here: Full name, date of birth, email, residential address, zip code, cell phone number. The user also needs to create his own password.
  3. Then the mail and phone number should be confirmed.

This simple registration will allow using the account at once: deposit, make purchases, transfer funds. Literally, it’s just as easy to create an account to receive your salary.

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