Fashion and accessories: how to plan your first designs?

There are many creative people with an interest in fashion design and accessories . The truth is that clothing has become a key element of our culture. And it is a way to represent the artistic concerns of a person and fully reflect the time in which they are living. If your dream is to have your own collection, we want to give you some tips to achieve it. Also, you can take a look at our Fashion Design Course. You will learn everything about trends and styling. Tips for fashion design and accessories

Whether you are going to design garments and models or if you are going to design accessories , these would be the most interesting tips:

Know the world in which you are going to work

What has been done before and what has not, why a fabric or why a pattern and not another. You have to know as much as possible about designers, styles, collections or old trends and fashions so that you don’t repeat their mistakes or their successes. And also so you can do something original about it.

Ultimately, it’s not just that you know the world of fashion and accessories , it’s that you love it. That you keep up to date, that you understand it, and that you merge with it. Think that here, more than in any other sector, the avant-garde is a plus.

You have the need or the demand to create something really modern. Therefore, do not miss a single day to learn something new about the world 레플리카 사이트.

Do something with roots

Designer clothes are not just clothes. It always involves a much stronger theoretical or conceptual load and loaded with information, it has roots. All great designs draw on something older than themselves. Fashion designs and accessories are a kind of homage, a modernization of a previous style.

Therefore, our advice is that you also look for roots for your work. That they have a base, that they focus on reinterpreting something that has already happened. See what has always been seen but with new eyes. That is one of the most interesting challenges facing the artist.

Let them tell a story

The roots can be a starting element for a message that you are about to send. Think that the background of what you are trying to do has to have a similar weight to that of the art. An exhibition, for example, has a theme and a speech. Well, that theoretical framework is what you have to give your designs to make them much more complete.

This is what is known as the storytelling technique. That is to say: be able to adapt your work and give it an introduction, middle and an end. Locate a problem or issue of interest, address it, and come up with your own solution. It’s not just about fashion; it’s about an artistic element, an interpretation of the world.

Always look for the highest product quality

Quality not only in the fabric itself, but also in the sewing, in the design and in everything that involves itself.


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