5 Benefits of Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Company

Damage Restoration

Has your home been recently flooded? Once the water finds its way into your property, it takes little time to cause substantial damage. When water comes in contact with building materials, it tends to compromise their strength and affect the overall structural integrity of your home.

Water-damaged belongings can be restored to their original condition with the help of restoration experts. They evaluate the damage and devise a plan for emergency mitigation. These professionals are ready for fast response, as no time should be wasted. There is a myriad of water damage restoration professionals, such as UnionRestoration.com, offering residential and commercial services.

These are the five main benefits of hiring one.

Determining the cause of flooding

The first thing that water damage restoration companies do upon arriving in the homes of clients is determining the exact cause of flooding. The most common causes of flooding include broken pipes, defective appliances, leaky water heaters, poor drainage, and clogged gutters. For instance, broken pipes are capable of causing the most catastrophic floods, as water travels through them from multiple locations and sources.

The usual reasons for broken pipes are loose fittings, freezing temperatures, corrosion, etc. Therefore, homeowners are advised to check their pipes periodically for leaks, breaks, corrosion, and cracks. Another common cause is defective appliances, referring to those that use water to operate, such as dishwashers, washing machines, freezers, refrigerators, HVAC systems, etc. Leaks can easily occur due to defects like clogged drains, faulty hoses, and issues with supply lines.

Moreover, water heaters might cause severe water damage. Given they are constantly filling with water, even small leaks might cause serious damage. These appliances should be inspected regularly, along with searching for signs of dampness near them. Clogged drains are another reason for home flooding because of the accumulation of debris, grease, hair, and food. Drain guards and sinks should be used to prevent such flooding.

Clogged gutters are another household flooding threat, as debris tends to build up in them. Such clogs result in gutter overflow, as the excess water flows over their side and pools around the foundation of your home. Click here to learn how to clean gutters and downspouts. Professionals have to determine the flooding cause prior to taking any restoration measures.


Fast response

Another benefit of hiring a water damage restoration company is being provided with a fast response. In such situations, the mitigation of damage should commence as soon as possible. It takes less than 24 hours for your home to sustain great damage and for mold to start growing.  Professionals are available round-the-clock to answer the calls of clients.

Moreover, they start by cleaning up the water, drying up the area, and repairing the damage in a much shorter period compared to the time it would take homeowners to do so. Since time is of essential importance in home flooding cases, restoration companies act quickly and reliable to reduce the damage as much as possible.

Professional advice

Another crucial benefit of hiring a water damage restoration company is receiving professional advice. The experience of these specialists enables them to provide useful guidelines to homeowners on what actions to take next. After a detailed inspection of the area, they determine the exact sports where restoration services should be performed.


In addition, they inform homeowners about the things that can be reused to prevent major losses. Also, they identify the items that must be thrown away to avoid further losses. These professionals will provide answers to all your questions and offer valuable advice on how to protect your household from similar damage in the future.

Proper equipment

Another advantage of requesting the assistance of a water damage restoration company is the equipment these experts have. There are certain must-have pieces of equipment required for successful restoration after a flooding incident, such as an LGR dehumidifier, air movers, air purifiers, moisture detectors, dump containers, etc.

Furthermore, restoration experts use LGR instead of standard dehumidifiers, given the former is much more powerful and operates in a wider temperature range. In contrast, air movers (blowers) are used in combination with dehumidifiers to dry flooring, carpets, and drywall quickly. There are two types of air movers, axial and centrifugal.

Axial air blowers are used for drying materials like flooring from top to bottom. Centrifugal ones are used when contractors need to guide air to certain areas, such as below cabinets or behind drywall. Air purifiers play a major role in removing bacteria and other harmful elements.

Moisture detectors are small devices that identify water damage levels around the flooring, drywall, and other surfaces. These are helpful during initial inspections so as to determine the focus of companies. Moisture detectors are available in different types, depending on their function.

For example, pinless moisture meters rely on electromagnetic sensors to determine the moisture’s location. Their surface is flat and is the most effective for performing moisture measurements on the material surfaces.

Other types come with pins that can be stuck into the material to check if there is moisture below the surface. Some detectors are equipped with both features, thus providing the best effectiveness. Self-propelled dump containers help in the removal of damaged material from the site. These tools can also lift the drying equipment and dehumidifiers to first or second-floor windows.

No health concerns

Hiring a water damage restoration company eliminates health concerns. Depending on the source of flooding, it’s possible for hazardous microorganisms and bacteria to cause negative health effects. Floodwaters have to be handled with caution to prevent the spread of illnesses.

Trained professionals are equipped with the right protective equipment in the course of the cleanup. These experts will make sure your home is safe after getting flooded with contaminated water. In severe scenarios, they might need extra measures to take during restoration, as well as disinfect your home.

The bottom line

Do not waste precious time waiting to hire professional assistance.

Property loss will only become more severe!

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