What’s the cost and importance of professional logo design?

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We are all well-acquainted with the fact that having a striking logo is a must thing for every business. In fact, if you need to have a professional logo, you will have to have a professional logo design. There are a lot of reasons why this is necessary and that’s already there on our blog list. We bet you will find a blog that will educate you about the same thing.

Now, stepping to the next stone, it is very obvious that a logo accounts for a brand’s identity and that it is quintessential for the same. But then a question comes to the mind of business people, what is the importance of having a professional logo and how much will a professional logo design cost you.

In this blog, we will be discussing the same. Starting with the cost of professional logo design, we will then head to the importance of having one.

How much will a logo cost?

There is no fixed rate of a logo design and you cannot surely say how much it will cost. There are a lot of factors that have to be considering while getting a logo. If you want to get your logo done cheaply, you can either hire a freelancer or search “How to create a free logo”, but in both these cases, you will be risked your business in front of your customers. This brings you to the next point where you have mainly three sections.

We will discuss it in this blog too. But before you choose anyone for getting your logo desiging; do keep in mind this is a critical decision. You will have to brainstorm and check the designer or design agency for the same as much as you do for brochure design.

  • Low-Cost Logos

If you are on a tight budget just like a new company, startup, or SME- the crunch might steer you to this. You might just skip getting a professional logo design this one time. So, this type is for you. Low-cost logo designs are the ones in which you get the job done at a cheap price. This is the cheapest way to get your logo designed.

In this, most people head to the free logo creators and use their graphic design tools to create something reasonably good. In this, there are many websites where you can select the predesigned logo for your business and you don’t have to pay anything at all for their services. Then there is a small fee that is taken to download the logo. You might have a crunch currently, but if you pick the low-cost logo designers, be ready to get your logo designing again later. Your logo is more essential than you think it is. Make sure you do justice with it.

  • Mid-range logos

Then there are mid-range logos that a person can get for the business and most SMEs and startups who have raised some money go behind. If you have a small budget of a few thousand of rupees, this is your category. In this, you don’t have to input the design size guide or give any direction to AI. Instead, you can hire some professional freelance designer or a person who has expertise in this.

But when you pick someone for your services, there are a few things that you need to consider. Like, how much will they charge? Do they charge per hour? What do they include in their services and so on? Then there is another way and that’s through Logo Contests, where just a small fee is required to explore a range of designs. There are design ideas given by an entire community of people/ graphic designers/ and similar people.

  • High range logos

Big firms and multinational companies who do not wish to spend their thousands of dollars in having in-house designers go for this. Yes, most of the companies do have logo designers in their firm itself. But many still look for one, when they need the services. This is one of the best ways to get a professional logo design for your brand. The high-range logos include expert freelancers, expert solo designers, and designing agencies like Designhill. High-end logos are the best picks where you get the designs of your logos to perfection. Not only do these logos improve your brand’s value but you can keep them intact for a long time.

The design agencies have a lot of experienced people. Not only do they keep a tab on what’s coming new to the market but also something that you will not see for a long time (a new age idea). Picking up the right designer will not be easy though! You will have to look at their past work, check whether they will be able to get your work done or not. Therefore, high-range logos are going to be expensive but they will always give you the best thing. Yes, not only do these logos stay for a long time with you but also provide your brand with all that’s needed in terms of memory.

Importance of having a professional logo design

You must be thinking, why do we always say that logos are important and very essential for your business. Right? That’s because they carry the name, tag, and legacy of your brand. A lot of things depend on having a professional logo. If you are not able to get one for your brand, you might lose a lot of customers. You might have seen people talking about flyer makers and email signature generators but not about logo designs. Those people lose a lot of things.

Here are some of the importance of having professional logo designs:

  • Your logo is the identity of your business, of your brand, of your legacy.
  • A logo grabs the attention of your customers.
  • The logo of your brand makes a valuable and strong first impression.
  • It creates the foundation of your brand’s identity.
  • The logo that you create for your brand will always create recurring memories.
  • It is the best way to separate yourself from your competition.
  • The logo of a brand also helps in fostering the brand’s loyalty.
  • It becomes easier for your audience to memorize and accept you.


If you are looking for a free logo maker in the market, just rest assured because Designhill is one of the best and most reliable. If you are looking for a professional logo design you can still trust the same name because there are multiple professionals who work day and night in getting the best logo for you. Just tell them the required things and you will get what you want. Without a doubt, their services have been top-notch for a long time now.

With that, we come to the conclusion that as per a lot of ‘factor consideration’ and brainstorming, there are logos that you can get in different types. All of them are listing above, and you can select the one that suits you the most. So, pick the one wisely as it’s about your company, brand, business and that’s going to matter a lot in the future. Do not make a quick decision.

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