What Does Free-zone Company Mean in Dubai?

Dubai is the hub of businesses, tourism with rapid growth in economic sector in all around the globe. That is why it becomes the center of attraction for the businessman, investors, and entrepreneur of the whole world. They are looking forward towards Dubai to spread out their businesses and to bring it in an international market. And Dubai is making it more feasible for newcomers by offering them easy-peasy policies and rules with great long-term opportunities. Having the most promising geographical location in between at the heart of the earth make it more captivating. Dubai freezone company formation makes it even more beneficial and appealing for businessmen.

What does free zone company mean in UAE?

A company which formed within special arbitration or authority that comes under that individual state of emirates is called freezone company. A freezone is something which works upon its own rules and regulation to regulate business activities. At this stage, United Arab Emirates have around 40+ freezones on the whole. This plays a vital role in United Arab Emirates to boost the flow of international businesses to come and execute on their lands.

The freezone jurisdiction is continuously keep on working to come up with the policies that is in greater benefit for the business owners and investors. These freezones are furthermore categorized, some of the freezone land works in a particular industry. And only those activities are allowed in that freezone area. There are more advantages as well, of freezone company which is why everybody wants to open one for them:

  1. No Complexity: the whole process of setting up a freezone company is smooth and easy. The whole procedure is about to take a week or two for freezone services You just need to fill out an application form with clear perspective of your business nature. And submit to the authority for further proceedings.
  2. Tax free zone: Being tax free and duty free is the most promising and attractive factor for opening up the freezone company in Dubai. you will be going to enjoy the trading with no currency restrictions. Your business will not have to bear the VAT of 5%.
  3. Complete ownership: this is another plus point of setting out a freezone company in UAE. You will be going to enjoy the 100% ownership of your business even being a foreign investor. Under this law you can open a company solely without a partnership with local sponsor.
  4. Bank account: you can open an account in any bank of United Arab Emirates on your name. because you are the only one who owns the company
  5. More business activities can be merge: under the freezone company license you can expend your business activities from one to another company without any restriction of same business industry.
  6. Affordable renewal fee: you can renew your freezone license with an affordable and reasonable charges. This will help you to save plenty of amount every business year.
  7. Company’s privacy is protected: Freezone companies are more attractive because of the company’s privacy and confidential information are extremely safe. You do not have to worry about the disclosure of shareholders names and company’s crucial information.

The categories operational in Freezone Area:

Dubai Freezone companies are divide into few general categories here I am naming them:

  1. Educational
  2. Media
  3. Aviation DAFZA
  4. Tourism and hospitality
  5. Information and logistics
  6. Financial
  7. Information and communication technology.

Dubai has all the requirements which makes a city worthy to start a business. Best infrastructure, transportation, education, and modern technologies to cope up with the challenges. And Freezone company policies and leverages make it even more precious for investors and businessman.

Here we are ready to serve you an expert and professional services. We assist you at every step. And give you a 100% profitable consultancy to figure out the best freezone operational area as per your business activities. Dubai freezone company formation is a simple yet fast way to get you in an emerging market of Dubai. We will take care of all the timelines and legal documentation. So, that you could be free to focus more on your business growth and bright future.

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