Benefits, properties and disadvantages

Whether to watch their weight, aid digestion, or simply relax, many modern women include green tea in their daily diet. But also, many have found that green tea causes headaches, bleeding and even insomnia and anxiety.

Although we can find various kinds of tea on the market, green tea, according to experts, is the one that takes the lead due to the benefits it has on the body and mind of women. However, in many women it can have adverse effects because the body does not react well to its effects. We tell you what is known about this drink to date in various studies that have been done on this subject around the world:

Lose weight

The most popular benefit of green tea is weight loss, but according to studies, there is not enough scientific evidence to determine if drinking green چائے کے نقصانات helps with this. Green tea seems to help moderately overweight people burn some calories, but it doesn’t make weight loss sticky or consistent.


The relationship between green tea and the reduction of the chances of contracting cancer are well known in the world. What is known so far is that it is possibly effective in preventing the onset of cancers such as bladder, esophageal, ovarian, and pancreatic cancer. It can even serve to prevent the appearance of the human papillomavirus in women and treat genital warts. There is not enough evidence to prevent breast, lung, prostate, stomach, gastric and skin cancer and it is possibly ineffective in preventing colon cancer.

Cardiovascular diseases

A cup of green tea each day can possibly prevent various cardiovascular diseases such as: low blood pressure, lowering high levels of fats, such as cholesterol and triglycerides, in the blood (hyperlipidemia) and others. It was also found that people with high blood pressure can suffer from strong tachycardia due to the consumption of green tea, therefore moderation is requested when suffering from heart diseases.

Other diseases

Green tea has properties that help treat Parkinson ‘s , dizziness, Chagas disease , Crohn’s disease,  among other conditions.

Tea helps your mind

Green tea also serves to soothe the brain. Studies have proven that this drink can help you sharpen your thinking, improve your memory, your mood and combat stress .


Despite the fact that studies on green tea are the order of the day around the world and in many cases its effectiveness in the management and prevention of many diseases has been proven, our recommendation is to be careful not to overdo it. Some recommendations are:

Drinking more than 5 glasses of tea a day can be bad for your health. Some effects of green tea taken in excess are: headache, nervousness, diarrhea, sleep disorders, irritability, high heart rate, dizziness, heartburn, confusion, among others.

Beware of mixing green tea with medications, drugs, or excessive alcohol . Tea has caffeine that, together with the components of these elements, can cause damage to your body, such as the acceleration of the nervous system. If you take medication regularly, ask your doctor if it’s recommended that you mix it with tea or another beverage that contains caffeine.

Consult your doctor if you can drink tea while you are pregnant or nursing your baby. In some women, green tea can have side effects that can also harm the baby. More than 2 glasses of tea a day can cause miscarriage and other negative effects.

Tea consumption is contraindicated when suffering from diseases such as: anxiety, glaucoma, heart problems, liver disease, anemia, bleeding, among others. Consult your doctor if it is necessary for you to restrict the consumption of tea when suffering from these diseases.

Although many speak of the infallible powers of this ancient drink, be careful when adopting tea regularly in your daily life, as it can cause more diseases than you want to fight. Consult your doctor if you can include the constant consumption of green tea in your life on a regular basis without harming your body or your mind.

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