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Congratulations on buying your new TV and you have to believe us when we say that we are just as thrilled as you are as we are aware that new TVs are coming into the market at an exceptional pace and there are new added extras to every piece of technology in the market and TVs are not an exception and you may have wanted a more immersive experience with your TV. Or you may have made the purchase of your TV because you may have busted your old TV due to some mishap but now you’re there with your new TV sitting in the box in front of you in your living room now you may be wondering what next? Should you set it up all by yourself or should you call in a Smart TV installation of Atlanta service provider if you’re in Atlanta?

So there are a couple of main ways you can go about using your TV, you can either place your new TV on a TV table and have the TV wherever suits you the best or you can mount it in the wall but you will need to be entirely sure where you will need to mount your TV as the process can be extremely time taking and more than that it can be a lot of bother for you. But we can make it certain for you that you can get the finest experience from your TV if you mount your TV at a good angle principally for gaming and high definition streaming.

The main intent of this article is going to go over the aspects of TV mounting. And we’ll do our absolute best to guide you through with the course. Nevertheless, before you grab a screwdriver in one hand and a drill in the other hand. We ought to warn you that your newly bought TV is a delicate device. And it should be managed with care and there is a ton of chance that you can mess this up badly. So mentioning again, it would be well again if you go through the process of mounting your device. With extra care for the reason that the last thing you’d wish for is to get your expensive TV smashed. It would even be better that you call in a local. TV mounting professional especially if you don’t have much skill with the process.

Here is the process in a nutshell

  • Primarily, you need to locate the place in the room where you’ll need to mount your TV. If you decide that it is the bedroom, then the place will be virtually in front of your bed. But in your Living room, you’ll need to look for a place where you can get the best quality out of your TV such as a location away from windows.
  • Secondly, you’ll have to be certain about the viewing angles for your TV, for if you don’t like the viewing angle when the TV it is set up it will be a lot of difficulty to change the viewing angles.
  • The next step is to locate the studs in your wall using a stud finder device in the place where you’re making up your mind to mount your TV; this should be somewhat an easy step.
  • Next step is that you’ll have to mark the spots on the wall, exactly in front of the studs. These are the points where you will have to drill into the wall; you’ll have to lift up your TV up to the wall to mark those points. You can also get a scale and measure the distance between the markings on the TV. And then mark them on the wall.
  • Now you will need to make a hole into the markings that you have made in the prior step.
  • The next step is to attach the mounting bracket into the wall by drilling the screws in. This is where a screw gun will come handy.
  • Lastly, you’ll have to connect the TV to the mounting bracket. But before that make sure that the TV stand is removed.


The best Smart TV installation of Atlanta

If you’re uncertain about the process. You can at any time call in a TV mounting service to get it done for you. Which would be a lot better. RMS Installs provides one of the best Smart TV installation of Atlanta.



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