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There is nothing more annoying than hearing the incessant noise of a dripping faucet. Especially when you can easily remedy the situation on your own. This is often less complicated than we imagine!


A dripping faucet can lead to a great loss of water and therefore increase the water bill considerably without realizing it. Discover tips and easy-to-implement solutions.

Make an inventory

To fix a dripping kitchen faucet , the first thing to do is identify what kind of faucet you have and where the leak is. Depending on these answers, you will be able to determine exactly how to proceed. A repair on a mixer tap that has a single water opening handle is different from that of a mixer that has two, one for hot water and the other for cold water. Rest assured, most of the time it is enough to just change a seal or one of the parts of the fittings.

A few precautions to take

To carry out a repair, it is advisable not to start head down. Certain gestures are essential so that everything goes well and that you avoid ending up with water all over your kitchen sink . For it:

  • Turn off the water.
  • Close the plug.
  • Be sure to disassemble the different parts without forcing.

Determine the type of faucet to be repaired

Do we always proceed in the same way to repair a dripping faucet ? Before getting down to this work, learn to recognize the different models: a leak will be easier to repair on a mixer than on an infrared detector.


The mixer: made up of two controls, this is the simplest model. Thanks to it, we manually mix hot and cold water.


The mixer tap: the most common model nowadays in a kitchen, it has only one handle and allows you to keep the temperature setting. There are several versions: waterfall or thermostatic for the shower.


The faucet with infrared detector: automatic, this type of faucet is activated by the passage of the hand and saves large quantities of water.


Changing a single or waterfall type kitchen or bathroom faucet will not have the same cost. So it’s worth trying to repair a leaky faucet yourself.

Check the seals of a mixer spout

There are several seals at different levels, but often if your kitchen faucet is dripping , there is a problem with the mixer spout. The manipulation to be carried out is simple. Simply unscrew the faucet nozzle and remove the grid and gasket. You can then easily check if the seal is damaged and if the grid is scaled. If so, use white vinegar to clean it quickly with a brush. To replace the seal, it is imperative to have a spare one of exactly the same size. Then all you have to do is put everything back together.

The cartridge problem with a mixer tap

A dripping kitchen faucet , if it is a mixer, can also be caused by the wear of the cartridge, that is to say the part under the water opening system. Most do not have a seal there and it is necessary to change the entire cartridge. You can proceed by removing the handle to access the cartridge. It is then easy to change it and reassemble everything quickly.

Scale buildup

Sometimes a leak is not due to the wear of a part but is in fact a problem of limestone. This is often the case with disc valves. It is therefore necessary to clean the different elements of your dripping faucet. Take it apart completely and soak it in white vinegar for several hours. You will then only have to rub a little to remove what remains.

What if it keeps dripping?

Above all, during your repair, take your time. If you want to go too fast, you risk having to reassemble your dripping faucet badly. So be sure at each step to properly arrange the joints and properly tighten each element. In addition, allow time for the new seals to expand under the effect of water and take their place. It is possible that a few minutes later there is no more water dripping.

If the leak persists, buy a complete kit

It is also possible that you have trouble determining the precise location of the leak to change the defective part. There may even be several places where the elements are worn out and causing the kitchen faucet to drip . In this situation, the simplest thing is sometimes to change everything by buying a complete faucet kit.

Call in a specialist

Despite your best efforts, it is possible that the problem is elsewhere and that you need the advice of a professional. Do not hesitate to call on a plumber or handyman Winnetka who will be able to quickly analyze your dripping kitchen faucet problem and find a solution. You will then be able to regain all your serenity by no longer hearing this drip in the background!


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