4 Amazing Ways to Befriend a Cat

befriend a cat

Have you recently welcomed a cat home? You must want to befriend and build an ever-lasting bond with them. However, developing a friendship with a cat is not an easy task. Yes, some cats are naturally fearful or shy and may take time to open up to other people. On the other hand, some are active and playful but are very cautious when it comes to trusting people. 

Many vets also state that it is harder to befriend a cat than a dog. So don’t have high hopes just in the beginning. Be consistent and patient. Your efforts will be worth it in the end. Several pet parents have overcome this scenario by following tips to build a strong friendship with their felines. Now, it’s your turn to integrate them and live happily with your furry pet. 

Here are some ways to befriend your cat

Slowly blink at your cat

When your pet is looking at you, do not stare back as this may make them more anxious or nervous. The best way to look at your cat is to slowly blink your eyes. This action will make your cat comfortable. Plus let them know that you trust them by closing your eyes in front of them. You may not realize this, but it is a big deal for felines to trust their owners. And the great part is that they may also blink back at you in no time. This can be the beginning of a new bond!

Let your cat come to you

The most significant rule when befriending a cat is to do everything on their terms. Here force will not work. Excess affection will only make your cat shy and stressed. And even if she stays put, she may not be enjoying the love and fuss you are giving to her. It seems a far-fetched dream, but let your cat approach you first. This will be beneficial for your friendship and eliminate awkwardness between you two.

Offer your hand

Another way that many pet parents consider that works 100% is to offer your hand. If your cat is comfortable around you, try holding a hand slightly sidewards to her. They will let you know by either sniffing or leaving your hand alone. Remember to not get too close and read their body language thoroughly. If a cat’s weight is shifted in the front or back legs, they may still be unsure. And any further contact may scare and alarm them. However, if they are acting normal, they will rub their face on you. It is a good sign. In such cases, you can gently rub their head or chin.

Encouraging your cat to play

Some cats love to play with their owners, your lovely kitty can be one of them. Try different cat toys such as wands, catnips, and feed them well with rewarding cat treats. You can even play chasing games as it will release happy hormones in them. This way you have a chance to befriend your cat. Many pet parents integrate this approach into their daily routine to make their cats joyful.

Along with these, avoid touching their tummy. They may sometimes roll onto their backs and show their tummies. Try to resist touching when they do this. By doing this, your cat is examining you and wants you to not touch her tummy. If you do, that would be counted as an ultimate betrayal. Beware of your actions. 

Moreover, it is helpful to attend vet sessions or online pet consultations from trusted brands like Supertails. They will guide you through each step to take towards befriending your pet.

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