5 Best Pathway Lighting Ideas to Follow in 2022

pathway lighting ideas

Adding a magical touch of outdoor LED lighting in the garden area and pathways is a great choice to illuminate the exteriors and create a mesmerizing aura. Also, beaming up the corridors with lights at nighttime is the most beautiful landscape to look at. It soothes the mind, calms the soul and contributes to a beautiful scenic view. 

However, to achieve such elegant outdoor landscaping, selecting the best modern LED lighting is essential. Hence, we have put together a list of trendy pathway lighting options in 2022 to consider making the space worthy of compliments and attraction.

Read on to discover the amazing exterior landscape lighting guide to create the most accentuating pathway.

Grace your way with these gorgeous landscape lighting ideas!

Street lights post for adding height

These lights are considered for creating a bigger impact on the pathways. Choosing modern exterior lighting with a trendy design and height will look amazing when placed with reasonable spacing along sidewalks.

The lamp or street posts echo a subtle air and ensure the landscape appears fantastic and eye-catching. To complete the overall look, pair them with the latest garden furniture. 

Lanterns can be the key to beautiful pathways

One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to light up the pathways is to lay lanterns around. 

Lighting the route with lanterns makes the steps feel more spectacular. To have an artistic vibe, try to mix and match lanterns and hang them on random trees near the walkway.

Instead of real flames, consider using LED bulbs to be safe from fire hazards. It is a great method to light up the pathways without putting in a lot of effort.

Light up the walkways with recessed lighting

When talking about outdoor lighting systems, recessed lighting is one of the top choices to complement urban spaces, for both interiors as well as exterior pathways. They are very convenient for glowing a limited amount of area as they do not occupy additional set-up space. 

For a more refined and sophisticated look, consider placing them alongside the walkaways, or on the walls at dusk. 

Colour strings to redefine pathways

Pathways can be embraced with festoon lights and even by ornamental fairy lights. Wiring some colourful strings to make the pathways more jolly and attractive ambience is a hit show. Laid back, urban clam, and multi-coloured types are some famous options to go with. Remember to choose wisely according to the intent and usage to give the area a happy and appealing vibe.

Track the steps with step lights

Installing footlights can be a significant choice to keep track of your steps at night. Many people consider these lights to keep an eye on themselves and their loved ones during the dark. Plus, they are equipped with intelligent sensors and detect motion thus, keeping a close watch on intruders.

Last but not the least, the red carpet look and experience is really cherishable when step lights are installed in the dark corridor, right outside the main room.

And there is more…

Apart from these, cage light path and spread, arched path light and LED bollard lights are also fabulous outdoor lighting solutions for bright illumination in the garden and walkways. 

In addition, lighting consultants and designers nowadays consider exterior luminaries like  Whistling LED bollards by Wipro Lighting. It helps redefine the outdoors with musical notes and enlightens pathways without scattering effects.

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