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What is a high quality website?

Over the years the whole SEO industry is talking about the need of producing high quality content and top experts came up with the clever quote ‘Content is king’, meaning that content is the success factor of any website.

While this is true, does it mean that a website with good content is also a high quality website?

The answer is NO.

Good content is not enough.

It is one of the factors (the most important) that separates low from high quality sites but good content alone does not complete the puzzle of what is considered by Google as a high quality website. Now you can get the high quality on high quality sites like Techtimes, Vanguardngr, Nytimes, Forbes etc. You can also buy Techtimes guest Post at a reasonable price from the best guest post service.

What is SEO

SEO is short for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It refers to the process of increasing a websites traffic flow by optimizing several aspects of a website; such as your on-page SEO, technical SEO & off-site SEO,. Your SEO strategy should ideally be planned around your content strategy. For this you will require three elements, 1.) keywords, 2.) links and 3.) substance to piece your content strategy together. Guest Post on High quality sites can improve your SEO ranking. To improve ranking and boost ranking, buy Guest Post on Techtimes from the high quality guest post service.

Characteristics of a high quality website

A high quality website has the following characteristics:

Unique content

Content is unique both within the website itself (i.e. each page has unique content and not similar to other pages), but also compared to other websites.

Demonstrate Expertise

Content is produced by experts based on research and or experience. If for example the subject is health related, then the advice should be provided by qualified authors who can professionally give advice for the particular subject.

Unbiased content

Content is detail and describes both sides of a story and is not promoting a single product, idea or service.


A high quality website has versions for non PC users as well. It is important that mobile and tablet users can access the website without any usability issues.


Can the user navigate the website easily; is the website user friendly?

Attention to detail

Content is easy to read with images (if applicable) and free of spelling and grammar mistakes. Does it seem that the owner cares on what is published on the website or is it for the purpose of having content in order to run ads?

SEO Optimized

Optimizing a web site for search engines has many benefits but it is important not to overdo it. A good quality web site needs to have non-optimized content as well.

This is my opinion and although some people may disagree it is a fact that over-optimization can sometimes generate the opposite results.

The reason is that algorithms can sometimes interpret over-optimization as an attempt to game the system and they may take measures to prevent this from happening.

Balance between content and ads

It is not something bad for a website to have ads or promotions but these should not distract the users from finding the information they need.


A high quality website loads fast. A fast website will rank higher and create more conventions, sales and loyal readers.


Social media changed our lives, the way we communicate but also the way we assess quality.

It is expected for a good product to have good reviews, Facebook likes and Tweets. Before you make a decision to buy or not, you may examine these social factors as well.

Likewise, It is also expected for a good website to be socially accepted and recognized i.e. have Facebook followers, RSS subscribers etc.

User Engagement and Interaction

Do users spend enough time on the site and read more than one pages before they leave? Do they interact with the content by adding comments, making suggestions, getting into conversations etc.?

Better than the competition

When you take a specific keyword, is your website better than your competitors? Does it deserve one of the top positions if judged without bias?

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