How can Offices Impact Human Behavior?

office impact human behavior

Today renovating a workspace is not only limited to adding a few blocks of furniture in the office but requires revamping the place to increase productivity and impact human behaviour positively. Gone are the days when redesigning was a formality, now it is a necessity that helps with retaining employees and achieving organizational goals. That’s why offices always plan new designs to consider in their layout or architecture for better comfort and increased growth of the employee and the whole organization.

Various office architects in Delhi state that achieving a favourable environment inside the workplace is no rocket science. You have to choose the right design, lighting, and interpret human behaviour.

So, if you are looking to redesign your office, think thoroughly. Consider integrating those designs and plan layouts that will impact human behaviour positively, aid the organization process and meet objectives. 

Wondering how? This article is about how workplaces impact human behaviour and mould the emotions of employees’, allowing them to work efficiently.

3 ways office architecture affects human behaviour

Fosters teamwork

The first and foremost benefit of a good design, like the open space concept at the workspace, is to foster teamwork. 

Teamwork is something that you cannot accomplish by force or order. It should come naturally within the employees. To do so, considering an effective design including hallways lined with doors that lead to independent offices, creating more creative space with paints for groupings, and having collaborative meetings can aid this thought. Therefore, try creating a space where employees can huddle together, without restricting them to a particular desk. Just make sure to maintain a balance between privacy and interaction spaces, as too much of anything is bad.

The interior atmosphere improves productivity

Creating a productive and comfortable atmosphere is the key to having a happy office staff. No wonder, it also significantly affects human behaviour. 

To have a positive impact, opt for soft furniture and good acoustics that’ll prevent the office from getting too loud and chaotic. Even when employees discuss projects and socialize, acoustical treatments are wonderful for soothing minds. Hence, office spaces should be designed accordingly, helping to absorb a fair amount of noise and allowing employees to focus when needed. 

Cheer up the mood of employees

Ever heard of bringing the outside in? That’s what you have to do to positively influence human behaviour. Here are some ways to improve the mood of the working staff within the office.

  • Natural lighting– One of the effective ways to increase the attendance and productivity of employees is to have wide-open windows and optimize natural daylight. It will definitely improve the health and well-being of the employees. Determine the shape and location of the building, use narrow floor plates to elongate the space, thus allowing the light from side windows to penetrate more deeply into every room. 
  • Consider artificial light– Not every room can be well lit with the help of natural lighting. Conference rooms, project meeting rooms, and certain closed spaces need energy-efficient modern lighting to do the job. 


With the help of the above-mentioned pointers, one can easily improve productivity and motivation, while creating a lively environment in their office. Even top Indian architects believe the same and suggest that architecture has a bigger influence on human behaviour than we can imagine. You can contact them to get better insights on the working of different architectural concepts and their effectiveness in impacting human behaviour.

Moreover, integrating biophilic designs with colours, material, indoor plants, and artwork, can help reinforce connection back to nature and relax the body and mind. You can also follow this approach to achieve the desired result.

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