5 Mistakes to Avoid to Earn Free Bitcoin

Free bitcoin

1. Too time-consuming cashback

It is indeed possible to earn Bitcoins in cashback. That said, basically, this type of earning takes quite a bit of time. Indeed, according to the principle, you earn money in the form of a discount when you make purchases. If you decide to earn Bitcoins by spending all your time on cashback, you will probably end up going broke.


As you will have noticed, it is generally difficult to pass the 30% discount bar for your purchases. This means that even if you buy the same product several times, in the long run you will accumulate a huge amount of an item that you may not use. Less interesting, you gradually ruin yourself.


2. Rely on rogue Online Games

There are now plenty of online games that offer you to earn money by registering and then making a deposit. You should know that not all of these games are always reliable. The biggest mistake you could make in this regard would be to come across a game that promises you an impossible bonus percentage on your deposit, then deposit all your money there.


In the best case, you just won’t be able to withdraw the bonus immediately. At worst it will be a well-crafted scam and you will not be able to recover your deposit or the so-called bonus. Instead, you should take the time to learn about the game and check their reliability.


3. Not Building a Solid Affiliate Marketing Plan

To make money in a crypto affiliate, you will not be able to rest on your laurels in any way. It will probably be necessary to build an extremely solid marketing plan. If you only share your affiliate links with your loved ones, you have very little chance of bringing new customers to the platforms, and therefore of earning Bitcoins yourself.


Also, not investing in your image on the net can harm you. Indeed, the prospects you attract must have confidence in you and in your words. Otherwise, there is no risk that they will follow you.


4. Throw yourself on the first comer to earn Airdrops

All that glitters is not gold. Many companies promise bitcoin rewards in exchange for ads for their products. If you really want to earn Airdrops, you should in no way ignore the step of prospecting on the company in question. It’s probably a scam and you won’t get anything back, and if you don’t lose money, you’ll waste your time.


5. Choosing the wrong wallet to store your winnings

Once you earn Bitcoins, it would be a shame to lose them right after. If you choose your portfolio badly, you could not only be the victim of a scam or even lose your earnings little by little by paying commissions and interests. Instead, you should rely on more well-known platforms.


Earning Free Bitcoin: Direct or Indirect

How to get free Bitcoin? Earning Bitcoin directly consists of using means that earn you bitcoin without going through compensation organizations (Bitcoin mining, affiliation, etc.).


As for the indirect methods, these are the ones where you perform tasks that could earn you Bitcoins as remuneration (coinbase earn, Brave, etc.).


Conclusion: Earning Free Bitcoins is Possible

Earning free Bitcoins is very easy. To do this, you just have to opt for the method that seems most profitable and viable to you. Choosing the right SCPI is also a must. Above all, remember to avoid mistakes that could cause you to lose Bitcoin rather than gain it.

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