When Do You Need an Adjustable Electrical Box?

Anybody who works with electrical systems can appreciate the value of a good electrical box. The box protects important components to ensure they can withstand the elements and stay in good working order for long periods of time.

 Among the countless electrical boxes in existence, there is one style that is important to recognize and understand. That is the adjustable electrical box.

 An adjustable electrical box typically has a screw system that allows you to further protrude or recess the entire box as needed. This can be done after the box is installed and the electrical components are mounted. This adjustable feature might not seem like a big deal, but in the cases where it is useful, it is invaluable.

 These are some of the most common cases where you might find that you need an adjustable electrical box.

 Unfinished Work

 The most common time you will see an adjustable box is with unfinished work. A very common place for electrical boxes is in walls and ceilings. This is true for homes and businesses alike. If a building is under construction, it’s easier to mount the boxes before drywall or other finishes are erected.

 If the finish is just drywall, then the final thickness is very predictable, and you can mount the box accordingly. But, if tile, paneling, wainscoting or other finishes are going to be added as a final touch, getting the box depth just right is difficult.

 Instead, you can use an adjustable box. You can mount the box and wire it before the walls go up. Then, when the finish is being applied, you can adjust the box as needed.

 Temporary Installation

 Electrical boxes aren’t always inside of walls or ceilings. They are also critical for a lot of outdoor work that involves electricity. For this type of work, boxes are often put in place under temporary conditions. You might use a box with a power generator, remote sensor or many other setups.

 The idea here is that the box is ultimately going to be used in multiple setups and multiple specific functions. Because of that, a static box size and mounting might not be appropriate. With an adjustable box, you can adapt to changing work conditions and reuse boxes. Since you don’t need a new custom box for every temporary location, you can save time and money on each project.

Any Frequent Remount

 In fact, any scenario that requires the frequent remount of an electrical box should consider adjustable options. In some industrial settings, areas have to be regularly refinished or reconstructed. Adjustable boxes are ideal in these locations because they can be unmounted and reused each time. Since they are adjustable, the new setup doesn’t have to cater to the previous box depth.

 If you have an electrical setup that you think might benefit from an adjustable box, contact Allied Moulded today. We can show you existing options or discuss customizations that cater to your unique situation.

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