6 Shoe Rules you Must Consider to Look Good

Shoe rules

Earlier, wearing shoes was just a necessity to cover and protect the feet. But nowadays, it’s an essential part of everyone’s outfit and personality. 

Today, people consider wearing stylish and designer footwear like sneakers, sandals, flip flops and formal shoes to not only cover their feet but also to have a fashionable impression on others. 

However, they may sometimes overlook certain shoe rules while selecting or wearing the footwear. Yes, shoes make or break the attire. 

Hence, one cannot go wrong with shoes to look the best and ace their personality. Therefore, we bring to you some basic rules that an individual should note to add to their appearance by pairing the shoes stunningly with every attire.

Golden Rules to shoe-wearing

Forget about white socks, except with running shoes maybe

The first mistake that most people make while pairing shoes with socks is that they tend to wear white socks with formal or casual footwear, be it men, women or kids. But, this is the wrong approach. White socks must be paired with sports shoes. To represent homogeneity, athletes wear white socks. Hence, one cannot wear them with different types of footwear as per the desire.

Remember the difference between casual and formal shoes for men and women

It is imperative to have a proper understanding of casual shoes like loafers, sneakers, flip flops and formal shoes like brogues, formal heels, etc. Every shoe is unique with a different purpose to serve. Realise its importance and wear it according to the occasion. 

Wear no show socks to support no socks look

When trying to look classy with no socks, make sure to opt for no show socks. There are a variety of these types of socks available in the market. Choose the most favourable pair among them and wear a no socks look. Furthermore, some people tend to avoid wearing socks for no show appearance, but this decision might cost bruises, uneasiness, and swelling. Therefore, go for no show socks.

Say no to shiny black shoes with denim, ok?

Shiny black shoes usually go with suits or other official clothing and apparel. So, this footwear can’t be worn with every outfit, especially denim. It is advisable to not wear them with jeans and on casual occasions unless one wants to have a fashion faux pas.

Wear sandals without socks

Another rule to follow is that one should never wear socks with sandals. It is a big no to consider pairing sandals with any kind of socks. It will only harm one’s personality and fashion sense. As in the 21st century, no one expects to dress up like this. 

Do not stick to one pair of shoes

Gone are the days to only have a pair of casual and formal wear each. Now is the era to look different and vibrant with a variety of shoes in the wardrobe. There are plenty of designs, styles, colours, and sizes available for each type of footwear in the market. People should select the best to meet their desires and outfit requirements. It will help to try multiple styles and patterns with different outfits and maintain the voguish side successfully.


By following the above-mentioned pointers, one can easily pair or dress up for various occasions and events. Moreover, buying branded footwear like Flite footwear or Sparx casual shoes, etc., can be the optimum decision while looking for durable and good quality shoes. 

These are certainly available at multiple stores. One can visit the nearest showroom or explore the range online on the website to make the purchase hassle-free.  

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