Madrid home massage

Massage is a method or a technique of recovery of those parts of the body that present some ailment or may present it. The primary goal is usually pain reduction. However, there are various types of massages, depending on the needs of the patient, and all of them can be performed at home. Patients who need a masseur at home can request it in the same way as physical therapist treatments. The different 홈타이 services in Madrid that professionals can perform cover different classes.

Types of Home Massage

The relaxing deconstructing massage. This type of service will improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, achieving a greater elimination of toxins. In addition, it eradicates contractures and as a final result, improves the patient’s physiological state.

The sports massage

Get pain relief after sports practice, as well as the reduction of inflammation and recovery of mobility and function. This massage may include electrotherapy, for pain reduction or muscle enhancement.

Lymphatic drainage, to treat edema and the accumulation of body toxins. In addition, this massage manages to offer relaxation, with a reduction in edema.

The Pilates program, which, in itself, is not a massage, but whose objectives will be similar throughout the body. With it, it is possible to greatly strengthen muscle toning and remodeling, as well as greater dexterity, coordination, agility and flexibility of the patient.

Home Massages

A company that does not charge based on the type of massage but on the duration of the session is Massages at Home. In this way, it can already be a back massage or a Shiatsus (of Japanese origin that consists of pressing on certain areas of the body), which will cost 50 euros if it lasts an hour, and will go up to 70 if it lasts 90 minutes. It also offers bonuses of 450 euros for 600 minutes. To contact them we invite you to access their website. Do you need or fancy a massage but want the physiotherapist to come to your home? For asking not to miss. At Barcelona we offer you several companies specialized in offering sessions of various classes at home. These usually last an hour and normally cost 60 euros, but there are also cheaper ones. In this article we tell you how to receive a massage at home in Barcelona so that you can choose the specialist that you like the most.

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