Finding And Selecting The Right Egg Donor For The Egg Donation Process

egg donation

Your doctor has suggested egg donor IVF for you, and you’ve decided to pursue egg donation. Why?

Egg donation is a familiar and popular path to parenthood. But when you decide to pursue it, the first question that pops up in your mind is – how and where to find an egg donor?.

Fortunately, you are not trending this path alone; your doctor and fertility clinic will help you select the right donor. But still, you must know the popular means through which you can find an egg donor.

You Can Find an Egg Donor Through The Following Modes:

An Egg Donor Agency:

You can find several egg donor agencies that offer egg donor services and help intended parents find potential egg donors. The cost may be higher, but it’s worth the level of expertise and quality of egg donors you find through an agency. Agencies also keep a vast egg donor database – thus, you can find any donor with these agencies.

Fertility Clinics:

Fertility Clinics

You may also take the help of your fertility clinic – the one you are taking the fertility treatment. Many clinics have their egg donor database and do not allow intended parents to work with donors outside of their clinic. Sometimes, IVF clinics collaborate with egg donor agencies to provide all-around egg donor services and IVF in one place.

Egg Bank:

Egg banks tend to be the least expensive option for egg donation. However, the eggs might be frozen far in advance and thus may affect your success rate. Unlike egg donor agencies, you also don’t get personal attention and support.

Friend or Relative:

Friend or Relative

You can also ask your close friend or relative to donate eggs for your IVF process. It is perfect if you want your child to connect with you. The agency will screen the donor and confirm whether the donation is possible or not.

It would also help determine the qualities you want in your egg donor.

You must list the features and characteristics you want in your egg donor. This may include physical characteristics and details like eye color and personality.

Egg donors go through a rigorous screening process, and this detail is saved with the agencies. If you are selecting a donor through an agency, you can request the agency to show you the files of the potential egg donors.

You can go through the medical and personal backgrounds of the donors and filter out the profiles that match your egg donor requirement. If you are looking for a particular ethnicity or religion, you can seek the help of the egg donor agency.

When you have chosen a family member or close friend as your egg donor, you are already aware of the person’s personality and characteristics.

Some Criteria You Should Include In Your Egg Donor Requirement Can Be Related To:

  • Personal Background – education, career, personality. See if the donor’s education and personality match with yours.
  • Appearance – eye color, hair color, skin color, height, etc.
  • Background – ethnicity, religion, country, etc. You might want to look for a donor who belongs to your ethnicity, so the child inherits the same.


Choosing the right egg donor is the first step to ensure the success of your egg donor IVF.

Remember your requirements and always share your doubts with the IVF clinic or egg donor agency.

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