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Doing the laundry has been an everyday household activity for since time immemorial. Whether the technology was washing the garments on rocks by the river banks or pressing buttons on programmed washing machines, the process relies on water and a mechanical action usually assisted by a detergent or an alkali. The purpose of an alkali is to break down the oils and remove ordinary soil and other matter. More often than not, the soapy agent holds the loose soil in suspension during the wash cycle, and is then flushed away during the rinsing cycle and centrifugal spin. The drying process when doing laundry at home is either by hanging clothes on a clothesline (in the sun) or tumbling them in a gas or electric heated dryer.

Dry cleaning, however, is different. It is a method that cleans your clothes without water. However, the cleaning fluid that is used is a liquid. All clothing is immersed and cleaned in this liquid solvent; the fact that it does not use water is the reason why the process is referred to as “dry.”

If you’re in Leeds or Manchester and wondering if there are any reputable dry cleaners near you, don’t wonder no more. The Laundry Man App has branches in these cities. Simply make use of our modern-era convenience and enjoy professional services at a click. We are affordable and quick too. Our services are available 24/7 and if you have a dry-cleaning emergency, our 24-hour service has got your back!

Ever wondered about the laundry process? When you drop your garments off at the dry cleaners, the employees follow a routine that ensures impeccable processing and clothes security. Your clothes go through the below steps:

Tagging and inspection – a simple method, whether it uses small paper tags or little colored labels written on the shirt collar, is used to classify all the clothes that come in so they don’t get mixed up with. Clothes are further examined for missing buttons, any tears or anything out of the ordinary. This is done to ensure the establishment of the clothes condition on receipt.

Pre-treatment – The dry cleaner looks for any stains on your clothes and pre-treats them to make the removal easier and more complete.

Dry cleaning – The garments are then put in a machine and cleaned using a solvent.

Post-spotting – Any leftover, tough stains are treated and removed.

Finishing – This stage includes pressing, folding, wrapping, and other finishing touches.

Clothes that should be dry-cleaned

  • Garments that have inside linings including jackets and coats, pleated skirts, and clothes made of fabric that shrinks or is not colorfast should be professionally cleaned.
  • Clothes that are made of taffeta, silk, wool, velvet, acetate,
  • Fabric blends that are made of rayon, silk, and wool should also be professionally dry-cleaned unless the care label says something different. Garments made of suede or leather can also be dry-cleaned. Their special fibers, textures, and shaping might be damaged if washed at home.

At The Laundry Man App, our staff is trained to handle all fabrics and garments with the utmost care to ensure quality at all times. We have branches across the UK, including Leeds and Manchester, that will take care of all your dry-cleaning needs. Professional dry-cleaning will help preserve the correct garment shape and fit. Cleaners like The Laundry Man App have techniques suited to the various requirements of fabrics that require dry cleaning.

When to Dry-Clean

Soiled clothes should be taken to the Dry cleaning services near as soon as possible, to avoid setting stains plus any odors. A stain that’s a few days old will have a better chance of being successfully treated and removed than one that’s weeks old. The immediate urge is to pre-treat the stain but do not. The solvents used by dry cleaners like The Laundry Man App are made to treat specific stains and are better at tackling the problem. Dry cleaning in moderation will aid in lengthening the lifespan of your garments. You can wear woolen sweaters and skirts for up to six times before needing to have them cleaned. A wool suit should be dry-cleaned at least once or twice a year.

How to Store Dry-Cleaned Clothing

Once your dry-cleaned clothes are at home, take them out of the plastic bags in which they are stored after the Dry cleaning services near. Keeping clothes in the plastic bag can cause mildew to form, turn your whites yellow, or discolor any of the colored garments. Use plastic hangers instead of the wire ones. Wire hangers can rust and stain the clothes. Leave any paper that was stuffed into sleeves. This will help the garment maintain its shape until you’re ready to wear it.

Wherever you are, The Laundry Man App has your back. Download the app today and enjoy ultra-convenience at the click of a button!

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