Ideas to Design Exceptional Vape Storage Packaging

With the increase in the trend of smoking and consumption of recreational drugs, more and more items are getting introduced in the market. Smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and the use of similar items have become a fashion statement for people. Especially among younger masses, smoking and vaping is a symbol of style and adventure. There are more and more people that are enjoying to this trend and the use of such products is increasing. This is the reason why the supplier companies are working harder every day to make the packaging more impressive. In this article, we will talk all about vape cartridge box packaging and its salient features to make your brand thrive.

What is vape?

Vape is an action to smoke e-cigarettes also famous as vaping. It is known as vape because instead of producing smoke these cigarettes produce vapors that the consumers inhale. This is the latest style of consuming cigarettes that are quickly becoming popular. The device consists of a cartridge that contains a liquid that either contains tobacco or nicotine. It also contains a battery and an atomizer that collectively generates vapors. Vape has become a sign of luxury and class among the young generation and they use it more flaunting their style instead of a habit. It is therefore vital for vape cartridge packaging to be impressive and stylish.

Vape cartridge packaging

The vape cartridge boxes for selling and storing vape cartridges are something that has a key role in their demand. Vape cartridges are containers that store the liquid or juice that we smoke as a vape in the e-cigarettes. As a product of style and fashion vape cartridge packaging boxes ought to look bold and impressive. Only then will the customers select your product over the other boxes available in the market. You can make your vape cartridge packaging box impressive in many ways for the best display of your product. We will talk about some fresh ideas to make your packaging better than the others.

Custom vape cartridge boxes

Wholesale supplier companies provide multiple options to customize your product packaging as per your choice. You just have to mention the details of your product, size, packaging style, and other options that you like to customize. This will make your custom vape cartridge packaging look unique and exclusive. Custom packaging boxes are a fantastic way to define your brand and the unique features of your company. All you need to consider is the color combination and the look of the vape cartridge packaging box of your brand to give an exclusive look to your product.

Design of vape cartridge boxes

There are various options of design for vape boxes that you can select to make your packaging boxes different. Packaging plays a pivotal role in increasing the appeal and sales of your exclusive item. You can opt from the following options to get your wholesale vape boxes.

Vape tuck top box

Tuck top boxes are the most common options for the packaging of shopping and retail items of all sorts. This is because they are easy to use and have a simple closure that keeps the product safe and protects from any kind of external damage. Tuck top boxes with tuck end on one or either side of the box are the most basic yet highly useful type of packaging. To make these boxes more visible in the stores there is an option for making a tuck top hanger box. hanger boxes have a flap of the box extending upwards and have a slit or hole that acts as a hanger. You can use this hanger to display the boxes near front shelves for customers to view them easily.

Vape drawer boxes

Drawer boxes are also one very simple and easy-to-use boxes for a vape cartridge. They are also sometimes known as sleeve boxes and have a sleeve cover on top of the box that almost surrounds it. It is very unlikely for the product to get any kind of damage or accidental fall from this packaging box. They can have two open sides and you push it to remove the tray. Alternatively, only one side can be open when there is a ribbon or flap on that end for easy removal of the container.

Vape window boxes

Whatever the style of box packaging and the material, window boxes are a great way to display the vape cartridge. Window boxes have a die-cut window on the top of the box. This window is cut exactly matching the shape of the vape cartridge on the tube and helps the buyers view it with ease. Since this is a product that defines the style and personality of the owner, they will want to view the design and color of the cartridge from inside the box. Window packaging makes it very easy for buyers to have a peek at the actual product before buying it.

Vape shoulder boxes

Shoulder boxes, two-piece boxes, or telescope boxes are the type of packaging that has a container and a lid. The lid may completely cover the container or rest on it with the help of an extended shoulder. This closure is not just easy to reuse but also gives a smooth and good-looking view of the box. These boxes are a great option for a vape gift box.

Vape hinge box

Hinge boxes as the name suggests have a hinge on the back. They are a one-piece box with a lid attached so there is no way you can lose it. Hinge boxes are mostly made of rigid material that gives them a very fine luxury look and suits the packaging of high-quality vape cartridges.

Health advisory

There are many legal regulations that you have to follow when you consider the packaging of tobacco and related items. You have to follow the health advisory mentioned by your country or region while making the vape cartridge packaging box. There need to be useful instructions and product details for the information of the users. Also, child protective packaging and child safety measures are necessary for safe use.


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