Interactive marketing

Interactive videos also combine beautifully with e-learning content. P &G released a promotional video for Ariel laundry detergent can be produced, in which the viewer can decide how to proceed. Right from the start you choose whether you want to maneuver through the world of lingerie as a woman or man. Later you can then decide whether you want to wash colored or single-colored shirts and then whether you want to wash them with a conventional, unspecified product or a suitable Ariel agent. After you have made your decision, you can see the washing drum turning. And then the result: If you have decided on the conventional means, there is still a nasty stain on the washed shirt. Of course, if you choose Ariel, the whole thing looks different – ​​bright white and pure, of course. This is how you learn to use the “right” detergent with P&G. Basically; the spot is reminiscent of earlier commercials for detergents, in that the viewer is supposed to be convinced of the effect of the detergent with examples. The difference: Here you are right in the middle and have fun actively shaping the course of the video.

Of course, simple facts can also be conveyed in interactive videos.

However, most examples of this are not freely available online. If you are particularly interested in this aspect of interactive videos, it makes sense to send an inquiry to an interactive video production company to get visuals.

Sharing interactive videos

By using HTML5, you can easily embed interactive videos on your website. Unfortunately, interactive videos cannot be played on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. But with a link on social media, for example, you can easily direct customers to the video.

Interactive video provider

There are various platforms that offer the possibility to create interactive videos. This includes, for example, “Video Notion”. The provider is also characterized by a fairly simple operation. The sequences where something should happen are marked in the video. For example, you can specify that a query should take place at minute 2:13 to check whether the viewer has understood the content of the video up to that point.

Offers a little more functionality, Not only interactive videos can be created here, but also presentations or small mini-games such as memory. The built-in options offer many possibilities to make videos more dynamic. There is drag & drop, images, links or multiple choice questions. WIREWAX is also characterized by its high variability. The provider offers so-called “hotspot” videos that allow the viewer to interact with objects in the video. In addition, wire wax offers the so-called “branching” function – the viewer can use various solutions to determine the outcome of the video. And 360° videos can also be produced with Wire wax.


Another interesting possibility is the so-called “multi-stream” videos, in which you can navigate back and forth between different videos and perspectives.

If you want to give it a try, Frame Trail might be for you. The program is free and offers some basic functions. However, the videos are only available online.

Large platforms such as YouTube or Vireos do not yet support interactive videos.

But one thing is clear – they offer enormous potential. You also show that you are up to date with the latest technology. This is another way of making your brand attractive. Whether you want to make a product unique, implement a video creatively, or coach your team in a fun way – interactive videos Cinema 8 offer you the means to do it. In fact, they offer so many tools that the only thing you really should watch out for is: Don’t get lost in the world of Interactive Videos!

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