How to Choose a Quality 1/2 Size Guitar

half size Guitar

Many beginners are tempted to buy a cheap 1/2 size guitar as it’s a simple instrument that’s easy to play. However, this choice can be a mistake. If you know what to look for, you’ll be able to get a decent instrument for very little money. The good news is that you can always upgrade at a later date. Here are some tips to choose a quality 1/2 size guitar.

First of all, consider the type of 1/2 size guitar you’re buying. While they are often nylon string acoustic guitars, these are not ideal for beginners because the strings are so thin that they may hurt your fingers. Moreover, they’re easy to play, making them great for younger beginners. Alternatively, you can also look for an electric guitar for your child, which tends to come with a lot of accessories.

Although the price of a 1/2 size guitar can be a bit high, it’s worth it. They come with basic accessories, such as a case, straps, and strings. They’re also ideal for students with limited space. They’re small enough to fit into a dorm room or a cramped apartment. In addition, a 1/2 size guitar will be more affordable than a full-size guitar, and they’ll make a great gift.

If you’re an adult and would like to start learning to play guitar, a half size model might be perfect for you. These instruments come in a variety of colors and are easy to play. They also have two hummingbird pickups, which produce a higher quality sound than standard 1/2-sized electrics. If you’d like to experiment with playing a 1/2-sized electric guitar, be sure to check out some reviews before you make a final purchase.

A half size guitar is an ideal choice for small kids. They are easier to carry around and will not break a child’s hand. Despite their small size, a 1/2-size guitar is an excellent choice for a beginner. A half-sized electric guitar can be easily played with a few chords. A full-sized acoustic is also available in a half-size model. If you want to try a full-size electric, you can select an electric version instead.

Unlike the normal-sized guitar, a half-size guitar is not limited to beginners. You can learn how to play it using an electric guitar as well. A 1/2-size electric guitar is easier to play than a full-sized one. This is a great option for people with thick fingers and a budget. You can also learn to play a full-sized guitar with a cheap amp, a cheap instrument that can be transported easily.


A half-sized electric guitar is a good choice for children who have small hands. Moreover, a half-size electric guitar is a great choice for camping. The only drawback of this type of guitar is its lack of full-size tone. Nevertheless, a 1/2-sized electric guitar offers a pleasant tone, which is sufficient for beginners but not for recording. It’s hard to tell if a guitar is in tune.

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