Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Elderly Parents Active and Engaged. 

tips to keeps elder men young and active

You must have noticed that with the span of time the physical activity and engagement among your parents is decreasing day by day. They might have glued more to their television or bed. Well, then you need not have to worry about their current situation. It is one of the most common problems seen among people who are turning old. Chronic pain and some other conditions make them lazy and lethargic which restraints their activity. 

Continuous activity and engagement among old people help them gain a sense of independence which is essential for them at that moment of their life. It helps them maintain their mental and emotional health. If you feel that your old parents have become lethargic in terms of activity and engagement. No worry, their are still plenty of ways which we are going to discuss down below. 

5 Tips to Keep Your Elderly Parents Active and Engaged. 

Outdoor Walks 

One of the best ways to keep your parents active and engaging is taking them for an outside walk. Outdoor walks and activities help them explore themselves with nature and their surrounding. It helps in interacting with society and like-minded people of their age. A good outdoor walk should ensure that they must feel refreshed and breathe fresh air. 

Enroll in the Community Centre

You will find a variety of communities that are especially focused on elder age people. These communities are usually located outside the city from the hustle and bustle. The main motive of these communities is to make elderly men and women active and engaging. These communities are more of a retirement home where you can stay alone or with your life partner. These community helps in interacting socially with people of your own age. These community centers help them keep engaged throughout the day. 

Get them a pet

A pet could be a great companion to your old-age parents. A furry pet could be a great source of entertainment if your parents are busy and engaging throughout the day. Various researches have found that people with pets at home have less blood pressure and cholesterol problems as compared to those who don’t have pets at home. The pets could be the best day and night partners when they are going through these hectic times of COVID-19. 

Enroll them in Hobby 

The best part is that at the retirement age you can enroll yourself into hobbies which you had given up a few years ago. Initially, you will find that your parents might neglect you for these hobbies because of responsibilities and routines. But once they start liking it there is nothing that stops them back. These extracurricular activities make them productive, busy and feeling of joy.  Some of the popular hobbies your parents would love are yoga, mediation and gardening. 

Involve them in Cooking

Cooking your parents’ favorite recipe while involving them is a great idea. These activities help them by keeping themselves energetic and participating. You must have noticed that your mother might be cooking something and she then hands over the work to your father. Which substantially helps him keep busy and engaged.  

Interact with the Technology

With so much evaluation in the technology sector, nowadays everything can be done online. There is variety of where your parents loved to get themselves involved. You can teach them how to make a video call, how to surf the internet, how to chat with someone and many more. 

Host family get together

The best part which is most loved by the old age people is a family get together. These small get-togethers are some joyful moments that they love to enjoy. These moments help them in discussing current topics along with the past memories which they spent with those family members. 


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