A Review on The Types of Basketball Scoreboards For Sale

of Basketball Scoreboards For Sale

Scoreboards are popular in most sporting events due to their ability to display scores in a game to the fans. In recent years, they have undergone dramatic improvement thanks to newer technology.

Some of the most common innovations include large LED screens that help to draw fans closer to the game. These improvements are also super convenient and cost-effective.

Keep in mind that there is a scoreboard for each sport so it’s important to do your research. In this article, we will discuss the different types of basketball scoreboards for sale and their features.

  • Traditional scoreboards

Traditional systems are simple and very basic. Typically, they give updates of the score, time left, possession, some basic player information, and inning.

Most fans prefer them over other scoreboards since they are easy to see and read which means, the fans can know how their team is fairing and still focus on the game. They are also less expensive and easy to install compared to other types.

This is also one of the reasons why they are popular with many schools. While most of these vintage styles are simpler, they can still be customized to fit a particular style and need.

  • Digital scoreboards

These models are more advanced than their traditional counterparts. Digital scoreboards allow you to choose what information to display on the screen making them more flexible and fun. There is no limit to the number of advertisements you can run.

They also come in different sizes and designs including standard and customizable options. The best part is, they feature Bluetooth and a piece of instant music connect software that allows you to play sounds when need be.

Other desirable features include an instant message feature to inform fans of urgent info, an electro-mesh, a customized music playlist among others. That said here are some of the digital scoreboards available in the market. Click here for a few insights.

  1. Video display scoring systems

These systems can be used in both multisport fields and dedicated facilities. It works by displaying videos of the game on a big screen for everyone to see. Each team is given time on the big screen to ensure total equality.

A led video also engages fans and increases sponsor exposure throughout the game. Those operating the system have full control of what to display. Besides showing the scores, you can also create lively graphics to make the event merrier.

Other information displayed on the big screens includes period number, team names, player surnames, timer, score player, and individual player.

  1. Single-sided

This system is super flexible and comes in multiple forms. It is mainly designed to provide extra statistical information and scores across multiple walls in a stadium.

Moreover, the information displayed on this system is of high quality and clarity. Each time a production line produces a unit, the unit is recorded by the system.

All scores are displayed on a single line display for the fans to see. Likewise, the entire system is controlled by a local controller or a central PC.

  • Printable Template

These kinds of boards are perfect for a big stadium since they are large in size. They are designed purposely to display more content than their counterparts. Additionally, they are editable, meaning you can type and share urgent messages with the fans. It is also easy to change the heading of your scoreboard when need be.

  1. Centre-hung

Center-hung basketball scoreboards are packed with unlimited specialized configurations and features. Their unique design provides people with amazing scoring solutions. It somewhat appears like a perfect blend of several types of scoreboards.

Center-hug systems are generally four-sided meaning people can view the scores and the video display from all angles. You can choose between a standard center-hung or a customized one.



  1. Multi-sport, intelligent caption scoreboards

It is uniquely designed to provide highly intelligent captions for each team. Typically, both teams get their own customized scoreboard, therefore, reducing time wastage.

Multisport scoreboards are the perfect option for those holding more than one sport in their field since you can capture all the games at a go.

It is like getting seven score units in one. Plus, you can use this system almost anywhere, whether it’s a college, high school, or a professional team. Read more here https://www.masterclass.com/articles/how-to-read-a-basketball-box-score#how-to-read-a-basketball-box-score


A basketball scoreboard is a key element in every game. Besides presenting scores, it also displays player interviews and instant replays to draw the fans deeper into the game. However, finding the right scoring system can be a bit challenging now that there are several models in the market. A lot is involved when choosing the right system for your team but with good research, it becomes much easier. Look for an experienced supplier who can guide you in choosing the perfect scoreboard system for your needs.

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