All You Need to Know Before Hiring the Right Linkbuilding Service

With more than half of the world’s businesses earning revenues online, it is unwise for any business owner to not tap into those growth possibilities for their business. If your website is an integral part of your company that can impact your business growth, you need to put more effort into boosting your website ranking and visibility. You might think that it is possible to manage your site’s marketing campaign with in-house services by following some generic strategies, but you couldn’t be more wrong.


In the ever-changing SEO landscape, it is quite difficult for a single person to be an expert in every aspect of digital campaigning or content marketing. SEO rules change so fast that even the most adept SEO experts find it hard to keep up.


An effective Linkbuilding strategy can help rank your website and take it to the top, where a flawed strategy can affect its position pretty badly. To be on the safe side, you need to rely on a professional Linkbuilding Service for all your SEO needs. 


What Is Linkbuilding?


Linkbuilding is the process of linking web pages, either within the same website or between two different websites. It is an efficient way to rank your site in search engines. When you hyperlink your web page on another website, viewers of that website are redirected to your web page, boosting traffic to your site in a very organic way.


This Linkbuilding or backlinking practice is widely used in SEO strategies. To increase the visibility of your website, a quality backlink service can adapt different Linkbuilding methods such as content-based Linkbuilding, guest blogging, email outreach, broken Linkbuilding, and many more.


How Linkbuilding Works


In the pre-Google era, search engines used to rank a page based on its content quality. Google entirely changed this scenario – it started ranking websites based on the number of sites that are linked to them. Their focus later turned to the quality and relevance of those links. If you can link your site with some popular high ranking site, it will significantly improve your site’s visibility, as their quality is reflected on your web page. So, the challenge is finding quality backlinks from relevant, high-ranking, well-established sites without violating any of Google’s regulations.


What is white hat Linkbuilding?


White hat Linkbuilding is an SEO technique that aims to secure quality backlinks to a website using approved best practices. Unlike black hat Linkbuilding, it is not seen as malicious or spammy. White hat Linkbuilding can yield a high reward if done well, including increased site traffic, organic positioning, and brand awareness.


White hat Linkbuilding strategies include techniques like unlinked brand mentions, broken link recovery, guest blogging, and building directories and citations.


What is black hat Linkbuilding?


Black hat Linkbuilding consists of shady tactics that are no longer a best practice and are discouraged by search engines. Black hat tactics can hurt your website’s performance in the long term because search engines view this as spam. Be wary of agencies that promise a fast increase in your domain authority. This is a long-term strategy that takes time to achieve and fast results often come at the price of black hat Linkbuilding tactics.


Black hat Linkbuilding can include paying directly for backlinks, trading links or excessive link exchange, and link farms (generated by automated programs). See Google’s full list of link schemes.


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