Which Gift Card has the Highest Rate?

Which Gift Card has the Highest Rate

Many of us these days have gift cards that we don’t necessarily need all the time. We have probably won them or got them as gifts. Studies suggest that a great deal of gift cards go unused. However, as of late, gift cards can be sold, traded with other gift cards or exchanged for money.

These gift cards don’t need to be purchased from any store. Many people are reluctant to exchange them for cash because of many scammers out there. If you have some gift cards and you want to sell them, make sure not to waste the chance to make some money. There are some gift cards that will have excellent rates. This is a detailed guide to gift cards that have the highest rate. So, let’s explore!

iTunes Gift Card:

One of the best gift cards that has a high gift card rate is the iTunes gift card. It is a pre-purchased credit for the iTunes store of Apple. It is a store on Apple’s software marketplace and media. This is where you can buy movies, apps, music and more. It is different from the original Apple store where you can use the Apple gift card for purchasing items such as MacBooks, iPhones and more. When exchanged for crypto coins or cash, you can get up to 83% of your card’s value.

Amazon Gift Card:

Amazon gift cards are often used to purchase kindle content, Amazon videos, and digital music. With this gift card, if needed to be exchanged, you can easily grab up to 92% of the face value. If you find a reliable source, you can easily get this rate.

Google Play Store Gift Card:

A Google play gift card is another gift card with a high rate. It provides you with the best offered by the digital world. You can use this card to purchase music, movies, apps, video games, TV shows and more. It is mainly delivered to your Email. You can get a Google play gift card worth $100 for almost $72. However, the rates may vary time after time. So, better know the current rates first.

Sephora Gift Card:

Sephora gift card is another useful gift card that gives a high rate. It is one of the most popular gift cards that can be exchanged for money. However, the problem is to find the right place where you can sell or trade them. Scammers are on a loose, hence, you have to find a reliable place for gift card exchange.

Sell Your Gift Cards at GC Buying

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