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Arguing that Libran James is the best on the planet, it seems that many stupid Lakers players are trying to claim that Kobe Bryant is the best at the Lebrun level, if not more. However, when asked why the only answer from Lake is that Kobe has won the 5th competition. So let’s look at the shortcomings of this argument.

Charlotte Hornets selected Kobe Bryant to finish 13th in the 1996 nba중계 Finals. Changing the franchise and it will be a good game. But nationally, Kobe showed off the fruitless features of a boneless stomach and asked to trade for a competitive title in the Lakers, where he could play under the best director in the history of the sport, Phil Jackson.

When the poor boy found his way,

The faith introduced by the Hornets turned him into a design opportunity and he headed west. Kobe played in the first two seasons under Phil Jackson, though he made his title debut with the Lakers in 2000.

Dancing with Shaquille O’Neal in the MVP alongside celebrities Glen Rice and Ron Harper, Kobe’s poor score dropped 35% in his last game against the Indiana Pacers. He can throw less than 15 points per game on average, which is slightly higher than Rice and Harper, although Bryant takes twice as much as the other. Luckily, Kobe carried the undisputed Shaq – Lakers superstar on his shoulders, and he led the Lakers to the league with 38 point and 17 rebounds per game.

The 2001 Philadelphia 76ers final was the same old story – Kobe played Robin and Batman Shari – and made a big ballot box for the next two championships. Shaq led all players to the top with 33 points and 16 games per board.

A year later, the Lakers faced a difficult task of defeating King Sacramento. The California neighbors at work, the runners-up and the players, are in an unknown state after the 3rd and 2nd games of the Western Conference Finals. During that time, Kobe not only trusted Shaken for this task, he also called on NBA commissioner David Stern, who, along with the prosecutor, directed a game show and a nasty game story. In the wake of the NBA disaster, Commissioner Stern ordered the judges to “send the system to seven games.” The commissioner was worried about the possibility of a huge series of commercials for King v NetIQ’s latest television commercial and decided in June that at least one retail franchise would play the title … and that Franchise Market would pick those Lakers. Only watch YouTube videos for this game. Former NBA referee and former team leader Tim Dinghy is the most horrible rumor in the NBA – Donaghy is in jail, the Lakers won, aha is an old American diploma!

Although the Lakers didn’t have to play in late 2002

Shaq did what Shaq did and got the Lakers 4-0 on the New Jersey Net. Chapter 37 and 13 table balls brought him the final MVP award for the third time in a row. Dedicated to Hornet’s previous years, Kobe stood still and lived the glory of Shaq.


After several advances with the Lakers, Shaq decided it was time to move on: he made his name as best he could, use 3 titles in a row with one hand, considering the impact. Michael Jordan and the Bulls date back to the 90s. In his first season without a big man, Kobe led the Lakers to an astonishing 34:48 record – which is embarrassing for a team that has won 3 games – but hey, I think it happens when a game loses to Batman. Robin’s team can’t compete.

Such clear evidence — Kobe’s participation in the last Lakers competition — created his second violin, just as Scottie Pippen’s second violin all Jordan did all years ago. Without Shaq’s influence, the Lakers would be the central team trying to escape the competition, and Kobe would not be there.

The difference between Kobe and LeBron is not in the number of rings, but in the choice they use. Kobe opted for a simpler and calmer approach: he betrayed the team, which allowed him to be a player with only one victory. Libran chose the hardest path, respecting some of the greatest players, including the esteemed Jordan and Larry Bird.

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