5 Ways How CBD Industry Is Influenced By Technology

CBD Industry

Nowadays, we are so used to leading efficient lives that we often take our way of doing things for granted. Yet, if we take a moment to be grateful for our life, we will recognize how amazing technology has been in the transformation of our lives. A light tap on our phone screen is enough to buy us anything these days. We can get a burger delivered to our front door, a dress, a car, and everything else our heart desires.

Technology has revolutionized our lives, including how we do business, and it has changed the CBD industry too. Just a few years ago, buying weed was a shady business both for the seller and the buyer. You had to take the risk of a dark alley and buy weed of dubious quality from a seller.

Things are different now that CBD is legal in many countries worldwide. It is safer and more accessible to buy CBD whether you do so online or in brick-and-mortar stores. Premium brands are coming up with excellent CBD-infused products, everything from cbd gummies in uk to beverages, skincare products, and edibles, to mention only a few products. All of this would not be possible without the interference of technology. The following are five incredible ways technology is influencing the CBD industry.

Technology has made growing hemp an efficient process

For a long time, growing the Cannabis Sativa plant species led to high electricity bills as the plant needed significant artificial lighting to grow. The introduction of LED technology has changed the game. Growing hemp-derived CBD is now far less expensive. LED bulbs offer more efficient lighting. Furthermore, the bulbs emit less heat than regular bulbs, thus lowering the cost of managing temperature control in the growing room.

Solar panels have contributed to the reduction of the electricity bill too. Thanks to their absorbing sunlight with photovoltaic cells, the electricity bill is no less an issue for cultivators, giving businesses a little leverage on utility bills.

Technology has brought the seller and the buyers closer

Collecting marketing data is now effortless, thanks to the technology of analytical tools. Tech tycoons such as Google offer analytical platforms where CBD businesses can clearly understand what their target audience wants.

Social media technology has also strengthened the buyer-seller relationship. Now, customers can talk with brand representatives through the comment section or direct messages and discuss everything from how-tos to complaints.

Technology has turned CBD into a household name

For a long time, most people did not admit to taking weed products, but nowadays, things have dramatically shifted, mainly due to influencer marketing. Top social media influencers are now talking openly about their use of CBD products and promoting brands along the way.

In taking this approach towards transparency about their CBD use and how it has changed their lives, influencers are turning CBD into a household name. Top influencers come with loyal followers who are always willing to try whatever these bloggers are selling. One post on CBD can help propel sales for a brand and turn its products into bestsellers.

Affiliate marketing technology has made such collaborations possible and easy to set up. Through an affiliate marketing agency, influencers can find brands they love and promote them while both sides earn money from the sales generated.

Technology has turned the buying process into a breeze

Technology has made it possible for buyers to purchase CBD products safely and efficiently while being presented with ample choice. Now that CBD brands are selling products online, users can do their research to determine the quality of the CBD and whether they meet customers’ expectations.

High-quality brands will have a professional and user-friendly website as their best proof of quality, but they do not stop there. Professional brands will be honest about every step of their manufacturing process and have a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) available for download for users to verify the products’ high quality. The COA will also contain recently confirmed third-party lab results of the CBD with information regarding the extraction process and more.

Technology has paved the way for Nanoencapsulation

CBD products come in many forms, from oil tinctures to edibles, vape liquids, and skincare products, but CBD beverages are limited. This limitation is because CBD is an oil, and oil and water don’t mix well.

Nanoencapsulation is changing this and revolutionizing the way CBD is infused with beverages. Researchers are working on a new technology called nanoencapsulation to break down cannabinoids in smaller emulsions to intensify their bioavailability. With a smaller emulsion, blending CBD oil with water is more manageable.


The early success of nanoencapsulation has led to some CBD drinks being available in the market, but the research has a long way to go. When this happens, a more significant boom is expected in the industry with a new line of CBD drinks to lure consumers.

Technology has taken how we live and work to another level, and it is changing how we do business as well. The CBD industry is just one outstanding example of an industry thriving in the technological era.

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