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As there are many Vertigo treatments clinic in Calgary, and they usually offer packages to their patients, but what many patients don’t know about Vertigo is that it is not a disease, it’s a condition which the Vertigo treatment can easily treat.

Here are some basic things you need to know about Vertigo if you are concerned about anyone around you or for yourself as well. In this article we will cover all these questions.

  • What actually Vertigo is?
  • How Vertigo treatments clinic in Calgary works?
  • Is the Vertigo treatment worth the time and money?
  • Is Vertigo is another name for dizziness?
  • What triggers the Vertigo attack?

What is Vertigo? A disease or a condition?

Vertigo is not a disease; it’s a condition in which the patient feels everything around him spinning or moving in such a direction that they get off-balance and sometimes find difficulty in walking or in the vision. Now you have to figure out what type of Vertigo you have or you are dealing with. As it has 2 main types, Peripheral vertigo and central vertigo.

Peripheral vertigo

This type of vertigo happens if someone has any problem with their inner ear. As the ear causes vertigo if there is any problem in the inner part of our hearing system.

Central vertigo

Patients dealing with the problems in their brain such as stroke, injuries in the brain, tumors or infection are more likely to experience central vertigo.

Vertigo is directly related to the head and ear of our body that’s why you need to pay more attention when searching for the Vertigo treatments clinic. 

How Vertigo treatments clinic in Calgary works?

There are different types of treatments for vertigo as following:


If the person is dealing with the Vertigo because of any infection, the medical specialist prefers to give medicine rather than rehab or other options. Because you can easily cure infections with antibiotics. Always concern your doctor before buying any type of medication as they will prescribe you the best one for you according to your Vertigo or infection type.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

This is a type of therapy for those Vertigo patients who have any problem with their inner ear. This therapy helps them reduce their vertigo’s intensity and helps heal with the problems with their inner ear. This will also boost your other senses but mainly this therapy focuses on the inner ear and its problems.

Canalith repositioning procedure (CRP)

This method applies on those patients who have BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) this is the advance level of problems in the inner ear. By this method the problem in the inner ear will easily be reduced.


Surgery is only applicable if the person is dealing with issues in the Brain such as Tumor, serious Strokes etc., in that case, surgery is the only option to cure Vertigo.

Is Vertigo treatments clinic worth the time and money or not?

As we all know, Vertigo is a condition and not a disease, but it can harm you in many different ways if you will not concentrate on the treatment at the right time. You need to take extra precautions if you are dealing with Vertigo and for that there are many treatment clinics around you. You can approach to any of the best ones for your condition’s treatment and you are good to go. Now many people think that treatment for vertigo from any professional clinic is a waste of money and time but what they don’t is that treating your condition at the right time is the best for your health. So yes it is worth the money and time.

Is Vertigo another name for dizziness?

No vertigo is not a synonym for dizziness, both of them have common symptoms but with a slight difference. Both have the problem of unbalance but in Vertigo you feel a sensation of spinning movement around you. Many people misunderstand dizziness and Vertigo and use them as interchangeable terms.

What causes the Vertigo attack?

Vertigo can happen at any age, there is no specific age limit for the vertigo attack, but there are some triggers you need to understand if you are dealing with vertigo or you know someone who is dealing with this condition.

  • Migraine headaches
  • Certain medications
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Head injuries
  • Prolonged bed rest
  • Shingles in or near the ear.
  • Low Blood pressure

These are the main triggers of Vertigo to happen. If you are dealing with any of these causes, you need medical assistance. You can any time book your appointment at Rhema Gold Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and wellness center for the treatment of your Vertigo. They have specialized staff so you don’t have to worry about anything. All you have to do is to visit their website to book an appointment and you are good to go.

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