Stunning ideas for cosmetic packaging design

cosmetic packaging design

We all know packaging is an important aspect of product marketing. It can make or break a sale. Packaging design companies help businesses create packaging for their product that goes well with their brand and products.

This blog post goes over some cosmetic packaging design ideas that we think are pretty awesome! But before that, let’s touch upon a few basics.

Factors to consider when creating cosmetic packaging design.

1. Define the personality of your brand.

The very first thing to consider. What do you want your packaging to say about your product? What is your brand’s personality, and how can your packaging reflect that? There are so many different ways to approach this question, but some things to consider include: what colours you want to use, what fonts you want to use, and what kind of imagery you want to have.

2. Who does your cosmetics brand appeal to?

In product packaging design, it’s important to remember who your audience is. When packaging for a mass-market product, you’ll have different considerations from when packaging an ultra-high-end product. For example, suppose your target market includes young women living in big cities with higher incomes and more disposable income than average consumers. In that case, you’ll want to think about packaging that feels luxurious and high-end but also is designed for easy usability.

The packaging should be beautiful enough to appeal to your target audience on a purely aesthetic level, as well as being functional adequately so that it’s actually usable by them (i.e., packaging that’s too difficult to open for the average consumer is a pain!)

3. Where do customers order your product?

In product packaging design, it’s important to think about how your packaging will be used. If you’re designing packaging for a product that consumers buy in stores, then consider what kinds of display options are available there – displays with multiple tiers and different levels can provide more space for all sorts of creative packaging ideas!

If the packaging is being used for online ordering, packaging should be as easy to open and use (and re-use) as possible. In this case, consider using packaging that can fit multiple quantities of product into one package without sacrificing design quality or beauty!

Cosmetic Packaging Design Examples that Inspire

1. SOFI Cosmetics

SOFI cosmetics is a family-owned cosmetic brand in Siberia. They specialise in high-quality cosmetic products like soap, bath bombs, fragrant salt baths, hand creams, and body oils using natural ingredients. Their packaging is elegant, and the botanical drawings showcase the power of natural ingredients induced in their products.

2. ZHOOSH Cosmetics

Zhoosh is one of the first standalone beauty brands to enter the Pakistani market with a complete range of bespoke mink eyelashes.

In conversation with Rabiya Umair of Zhoosh Mink Eyelashes.

If you’re an avid reader of Instep then you know we have beauty obsessed editors who can write tomes on the eye enhancing properties of mascara. But it appears that mascaras are rather 2015 and the new eye enhancing trend happens to be mink eyelashes. Safer than eyelash extensions and certainly less costly too, mink eyelashes are an easy to apply solution for those who dare to be dramatic and love to embrace their inner style diva.

3. Clemen Sunscreen

Clemen Sunscreen experiments its packaging with texture and shape. The product packaging design showcases a great example of sustainability as the customised packaging is created from 100% reused paper. The colour palette indicates different skin tones and showcases inclusivity.

4. Save the Forest

The Korean beauty brand Save the Forest is a part of The Face Shop. The product packaging design comes with faces of cute animals that are eco-friendly since they are made from recycled paper.

5. Waterbody

Inspired by the wilderness of Southeast Alaska, the branding of Waterbody reflects soothing and natural vibes. The colour palette represents the colours of earth, sea and sky.


Considering product packaging design from the beginning of a product’s development cycle can help ensure that it ends up as beautiful and functional as possible. And in some cases, the product packaging is an even more important part of branding than the actual product itself! Take advantage of our custom packaging services for your cosmetics packaging needs today with Litmus branding; you are one-stop to all product packaging design needs!

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