Dune Buggy Safari Tour – Deals & Packages 2022 | Desert Safari DXB

Dune Buggy Safari Tour – Deals & Packages 2022 | Desert Safari DXB

What makes Dune Buggy Safari such an exciting experience?

Have you ever tried Dune Buggy Safari in Dubai? And now, are you looking to take your adventure to the next level? Maybe this is your first time in the desert. And you are searching for the most exciting experience for you. Rest assured that the Dubai Destination Experts team at Desert Safari DXB is here to help!

We run some of the top desert safari experiences in Dubai in the spectacular Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) that surrounds the city. In this blog, we’ll cover more about Desert Safari DXB’s Desert Dune Buggies, an experience not to be missed in the UAE. Adventurers gather! Our desert dune buggies can take you on an exciting ride across the beautiful Dubai desert. Full of sunshine, sand, and adventure.

Why book with Desert Safari DXB?

It’s personal service and top-of-the-line equipment that sets the Desert Dune Buggies Safari apart. With Desert Safari DXB, ride across the dunes in the most beautiful and perfect areas of the Dubai Desert for a dune buggy ride.

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How does it work?

Your adventure started well before you saw the desert, as our expert guides will gather you from your home or hotel in a 4×4 vehicle built for your desert adventures. Sit back and relax as you leave the city’s skyline behind. And embark on a chauffeur-driven drive to Desert Safari DXB, where your guide will guide you to major attractions along the way and answer any questions you have about the excitement that awaits.

After about a 45-minute drive from central Dubai, you’ll arrive at Al Lisaili, a unique desert area on the edge of the DDCR and home to the Dubai camel racing scene.

From there, you will be taken to the briefing area. You’ll be relaxed with a welcome drink while your guide will brief you on your upcoming adventures. This information includes getting acquainted with the Can-Am desert dune buggy driving tutorials. And all safety data, all Dune Buggies are 4WD and fully automatic. With seat belts, roll cage, and off-road suspension, You will be provided with safety equipment, including disposable headgear. helmet and goggles And details about the exciting routes that await you.

Let the adventure begin as you steer your turbocharged Can-Am 4×4 autonomous dunes into the vast desert and begin your experience on the massive dunes.

According to the tour guide, You will start with a simple drive before kicking off the device for a thrilling experience. There will be big wheels of a dune buggy all around you! Feel the adrenaline and hear the engine roar as you reach a top speed of 80 km/h. With an emphasis on exhilarating fun, Your guide will take you through the path of the highest dunes. It has been expertly selected to utilize the best capabilities of the 4×4 Can-Am drivetrain, ensuring that even the most adrenaline-seeking adventurer is kept up. on their toes

On the way through a ride on the dunes, there are stops for drinks and photoshoots to take in the peaceful Dubai Desert scenery. And remember the excitement for many years to come. After about 2 hours of driving in the adrenaline-filled desert, you’ll return to the camp for the final photo opportunity with the dunes dune buggies before relaxing by driving back to your chosen location.

Which Desert Dune Buggies Safari Experience is Best for You?

Three driving options are available to suit everyone’s adventurous needs. You can let others drive with the passenger experience. In this adventure, You can sit back and watch dunes and sandfly by as you spot local wildlife such as camels, oaks, and gazelles from the passenger seat. By letting one of our experts drive away.

There’s also a Driver Experience where you can share your ride with fellow passengers. Swap the wheels with a break and stop the switch after 30 minutes. For the true thrill-seeker, the Private Buggy Experience offers exclusive use of the Can-Am 4×4 for you and three friends.

Our entire dune driving experience took about two hours. Suitable for ages six and up, children aged 6-13 can experience Dune Buggies as passengers accompanied by an adult in the Private Buggy Experience. Children aged 14+ can be seated in the Passenger Experience.

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