Deep Tissue Massage Versus Swedish Massage What’s The Difference?

When browsing a list of spa services, we often have an idea of ​​what each massage therapy will look like before deciding what to use. We usually use random massage because the name is so intriguing. In the end we came to the conclusion that all massages after massage are the same.

Swedish massage puts a lot of pressure on the muscles. It also includes a series of long slides. This massage uses a variety of essential oils with different aromatic properties that also help reduce friction.

스웨디시 massage increases blood flow to the muscles, which reduces tension in the body and increases flexibility. It stimulates the skin and nervous system, calms the nerves, and reduces physical, mental and emotional stress.

Swedish massage involves the use of five strokes, namely:

1. Effleurage:

Long, smooth movements that allow the therapist to spread fat all over the body and feel the muscles tense.

2. Petrissage:

Kneading movements that lift and tighten the tissue and remove waste products from the area.

3. Friction:

A type of stroke that involves short, quick movements that create heat in an area that keeps blood flowing to that area. This will help loosen the ligaments.

4. Tapotement:

Colloquially known as the “karate move”, this punch involves a series of light blows throughout the body to help relax the muscles.

5. Vibration:

This movement creates movement in the body. When done right, the results are very reassuring.

Deep tissue massage aims to deeply structure the muscle tissues of the body. This massage focuses mainly on connective tissue.

Deep tissue massage supports rapid recovery after minor muscle injuries and chronic problems. This massager is perfect for treating sports injuries, poor posture, muscle spasms and tension. It also helps to release some chronic muscle tensions such as muscle nodes and adhesions.

This massage consists of a series of slow, specific and deliberate movements that are best suited to posture disorders and abnormal muscle tone. The therapist uses several different strokes here, depending on the type of muscle they are working on. During this massage, the muscles gradually begin to relax, allowing the therapist to move around during the massage.

Enjoy these wonderful massages in the hands of experienced therapists at the O2 Spa.

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