5 Private Jet Charter Myths & Misconceptions Busted

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Epitomizing luxury and comfort, private jets have become a go-to choice for corporate professionals who have to travel frequently. Many companies now own private jets or opt for charter services, depending on their requirements. Due to the enhanced comfort and convenience they offer, families, too, have started to prefer them over commercial flights.

Still, many people are reluctant to fly private. This is mostly due to the myths surrounding this mode of travel. The main source that fuels such misconceptions is that most of the world’s population has not travelled on a private jet. Their knowledge regarding private jet charter is not through experience but from word-of-mouth.

It is similar to when everyone believed that the aviation industry suffered during the Covid-19 lockdown. But, in contrast, private jet demand witnessed an increase during the pandemic.

To draw a clear line between facts and myths, we have busted several misconceptions, which often deter potential customers of private jet charters. Let’s dive in!

Myth #1: Only millionaires and billionaires charter private jets.

People think they need to be super rich to hire their aircraft crew. An exclusive status associated with people who desire to fly privately is the reason that gave rise to this myth. However, not everyone sitting on the comfortable seats of a private jet is a celebrity or a billionaire.

In today’s times, many corporations own private jets. The goal is to facilitate their team members to be more productive. It helps the team to escape the headache of delayed commercial flights and increasing travel expenses.

In other cases, a regular client can also charter a private jet. You can find an appropriately priced jet that answers all your travel needs. The main benefit here is that you can split the total cost between the group. This strategy also ensures full aircraft space utilisation.

Myth #2: Private jets are not as safe as commercial jets.

People assume that a private jet charter is not a safe option because passengers do not have to pass through a standard TSA security protocol. In reality, operators engage in a detailed screening process to satisfy the safety and security protocols.

Also, just because commercial airlines are well-known across the globe and their travel routes are public, it does not mean they make for a safer choice. Passenger fatalities can occur even on a scheduled commercial flight. History carries the evidence of it. Comparison of accident rates per hour operated would show a difference, but the reality is that both are extremely safe.

A few people also believe that private jets are not stable since they are smaller in size. The truth is pilots of private jets often fly higher or take up a quick and different route in case of turbulence. Also, many private jet aircraft are new and well-maintained. This makes them safe for passengers.

Myth #3: It is an utter headache to book a private jet.

It’s often believed that hiring aircraft charter services involves a lot of hard work, while securing a commercial flight is a piece of cake. The common perception is that you simply get behind your device’s screen, scroll through the list of available flights, and pick the one you want. 

In reality, it is quicker to book a commercial airline flight but chartering a private jet is easier. You don’t need to choose from a list because you are in full control. It gives you the freedom to set the schedule and even select the route. Then, you sit back, enjoy a sip of coffee and wait for the quote. 

Private aviation management companies, such as Empire Aviation, have a dedicated team in place to address your requirements and increase your satisfaction level. They guide you through the smooth process of picking an ideal aircraft and taking care of booking details. You can also enjoy additional services. The exclusive package involves a supervisor waiting for you at the destination site and hotel staff waiting for your arrival.

Myth #4: If bad weather causes commercial flights to delay or cancel, private aircraft have to face the same fortune.

It is not true. Private jet charter services come with a greater level of flexibility. They can land on many more airports as compared to commercial airline jets and change their routes quickly. 

In some cases, they fly during storms and avoid circumstances that ground commercial jets. Moreover, private jet pilots are trained to handle the aircraft in bad weather conditions. Thus, they are able to act proactively if any unfavourable situation arises during flight.

Myth #5: Private jets are for selective clients only.

Long gone are the days when a private jet charter was made available only to royals, sheikhs and A-list celebrities. It has now become a sophisticated means of travel for hard-working team members, a treat for families and a romantic getaway for newly wedded couples. 

Simply put, private jet charter services are available to everyone who wants to go on an adventure. There is neither any exclusive club you have to join nor a specific criterion to meet. Anyone can request a quote for a private jet charter and book it.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! How many of these misconceptions did you think were true?

Now that you know a little more about chartering private jets, choose this mode of travel for your next trip, and experience the luxury of flying private yourself.

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