Important Topics To Cover in a Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur

Important topics to cover in a digital marketing course

Digital Marketing is the field of marketing in which brands are promoted online over the internet. Before looking for a digital marketing course in Jaipur, one should be sure if it’s the right field for them or not. Although there are various topics to cover while doing a digital marketing course like SEO, SEM, PPC, and more, one can specialize only in one field.

Marketing as a whole is one of the largest fields where there is a job for everyone. For those who wish to grow in the field of virtual marketing, digital marketing is a great career option.

At the same time, if you are a student of computer science and wish to make a career in digital marketing, then it can be a very good option for you. Moreover, anyone with basic computer knowledge can pursue a digital marketing course to be successful in this field.

However, marketing professionals understand the mindset of the buyer and grab their attention. Thus, if you also have good observation skills and are creative, then digital marketing is the right field for you.

Digital Marketing Course – Insights

Before going through the topics that cover a digital marketing course, you should be aware of the following insights while joining a digital marketing course.

Type of Courses – The digital marketing course is a short-term certification course of 3-5 months. One can learn internet marketing through an online or offline course.

Eligibility – The eligibility criteria differ from one institution to another. Although the minimum eligibility requirement is to have a High school pass degree.

Job Requirements – As this field is skill-based, there is no requirement of graduation certificates or so. But ideally, an aspirant must be a graduate and must have certifications in digital marketing. However, one can easily have a 4 months digital marketing course with 6 months of training to earn those certificates. This will help them in getting a good job before completing their graduation.

Salary – After completing the digital marketing course and training, one will get a stronghold on digital marketing activities. A student can initially earn up to 20,000-25,000 per month. With increasing experience and developed skills, one can earn handsomely in 2-3 years.

10 Important Topics To Cover in a Digital Marketing Course

10 Important Topics To Cover in a Digital Marketing Course

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Many students come from different backgrounds. Hence, to keep the students on the same level, the fundamentals of digital marketing will be introduced to them. Here, students will learn about the difference between traditional and modern marketing, types of digital marketing, platforms for digital marketing, trends of digital marketing, and other fundamentals. This will help the students will get a basic understanding of the field.

Website Planning and Creation

As students now have their basics on point. It is time to plan and create a website where they can apply every knowledge they will gain as the course progresses. Further, through a website one can also generate leads or do affiliate marketing. The content planning and creation also take place to offer correct content to your audience.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Now that our website is ready with the required content. Thus, SEO will come into play. Keyword research, technical corrections, image optimization, content optimization, and website alterations are all part of SEO. And these all optimization will help your website to rank. This is the bulkiest part and involves a lot of R&D.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Search engine optimization is an unpaid way to get rank on search engines, it is a time-consuming process. In comparison, search engine marketing is the paid method to rank any keyword on the Search Engine Result Pages, and the results are very quick. Although it is much simpler than SEO, one needs to be very sound with analysis and funds management. Moreover, through SEM, one can get instant traffic and visibility on the website.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Another important topic is Social media. Social media channels are gaining immense popularity and are a root source of income for numerous small businesses. To be a successful digital marketer, one needs to have a stronghold on working with different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. However, there are many tips to increase social media engagement, but one needs to join the course to learn those tips.

Email Marketing

It is one of the most important topics of the digital marketing course. Email is a communication channel that is now used by businesses for marketing and communication purposes. Email marketing is flourishing and has a great career pathway ahead. Many companies are indulging in email marketing to increase their marketing reach. Hence, being a digital marketer, one should have a good hold on Email Marketing.

Mobile Marketing

As technology is developing, it is easier to get access to it. And through a mobile one can easily access it. Therefore, there is a massive rise in smartphone users. Hence, as a marketer, you must learn how mobile marketing is done to give updates, offers, and information to your customers. And to understand this, one needs to be mobile-savvy.

Video Marketing

As per the study, most people prefer videos content over written content or images. Therefore, it is an essential digital marketing topic to learn to be a successful digital marketer.

Content Writing and its Marketing

Content plays a significant role in marketing. From planning website content to social media posts, content is essential. Thus, content writing. Engaging and informative content is vital in ranking a web page, increasing social media engagement, and convenience people. Therefore, it is an important topic that every marketing person must learn.

Website Analysis

Website Analysis is an important and exciting aspect of digital marketing. One can analyze the website ranking, daily/ weekly/ monthly traffics, customer behaviour, bounce rate, etc. With this, one can also explore the business traffic and do market research, which will help them in boosting traffic and sales. To learn this, one should have a sound analytical mind.


So, digital marketing is a diverse field having multiple topics to cover. An aspiring marketer should cover these topics In-depth to be a successful digital marketer.

Therefore, if you are interested in pursuing a career in Digital Marketing, you must join the best digital marketing institute in Jaipur. And Quibus Trainings is the one for you, and they provide a relevant, updated, and in-depth digital marketing curriculum that covers all the above important topics. They also have more than 10 years of an experienced trainer to teach you the best digital marketing course.

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